Give your employees financial freedom and create a more engaged and productive staff with myFlexPay from OneSource Virtual, powered by Wagestream.

You already pay your employees, now empower them. myFlexPay integrates seamlessly with your payroll setup to provide employees with access to their earned pay, anytime, anywhere.

Earned Wage Access

Earned Wage Access with Valuable Insights

myFlexPay lets users access earned pay anytime during the pay period and visualizes the direct relationship between earnings and hours worked, improving employee engagement and productivity.

Create Better Habits

Create Better Habits with Financial Literacy

Most of us never learn financial literacy in school. myFlexPay helps users change their habits with easily accessible advice from financial experts.

Get Started Fast

Get Started Fast

OneSource Virtual and Wagestream do all the heavy lifting. Get up and running in four weeks or less with no impacts to your existing systems or cashflow.

Discover what happens when you give employees the ultimate benefit of early access to earned wages.

Improve Engagement and Productivity

Improve Engagement and Productivity

Sometimes all it takes is one surprise bill to upend someone’s world. This can negatively impact not just a worker’s financial wellbeing but also their physical and emotional wellbeing. Giving employees access to the money they’ve earned can restore peace of mind and empower them to meet unexpected financial challenges without resorting to credits cards, payday loans or advances, improving employee engagement and productivity in the process.

Receive Earned Pay Instantly

Receive Earned Pay Instantly

Access to earned wages is good; instant access is better. myFlexPay gives users the freedom to access wages now, when they need it most. From buying groceries, to fixing a flat tire to covering a surprise medical bill, employees have what they need to avoid solutions that would otherwise put a strain on their finances.

Become a Leading Employer

Become a Leading Employer

Earned wage access is the future of payroll. Not only does it give employees more control over their finances, but it also improves productivity by showing a clear connection between time worked and income earned. As a result, organizations with earned wage access see reduced turnover in addition to attracting candidates who want to work for an innovative organization.

“Getting early access to money you’ve already earned seems so simple, but this is a real revolution in pay that is already making it easier to recruit and retain staff.”

Tim Painter, HR Director

The Benefits of myFlexPay


  • Create a more engaged and productive workforce.
  • Reduce staff turnover.
  • Transform your organization into a leading place to work.
  • Get up and running in four weeks or less.


  • Enjoy instant access to earned pay.
  • Experience reduced financial strain.
  • Improve financial literacy with articles from financial experts.

  • Gain more freedom over the money you earn.

Reward Your Employees with Instant Access to Earned Income