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Mar 11, 2020HR Outsourcing

5 New Workday Features You Should Know About

5 New Workday Features You Should Know About

One of the most compelling reasons to use Workday over a legacy system is that it’s always evolving. With two updates every year, users can look forward to having the most recent version of Workday in front of them at all times.

But with each update bringing a surplus of new features and improvements, determining which ones to prioritize can be a challenge, especially for companies with limited resources. That’s why it’s a good idea to have an experienced release management partner to guide you through each update.

A committed Workday service partner will not only be able to pinpoint the best new features but will also be able to make recommendations based on how your organization uses Workday.

To learn more about some of the best features in Workday 2020 R1, keep reading.

Workday Google Calendar Interview Scheduling Integration

Streamlining processes and reducing user effort are two of the goals with every Workday update. That’s why users now have the ability to integrate Workday with a tool they know and love—Google Calendar—for the purposes of scheduling interviews, creating interview teams and managing interview feedback, all of which has the power to make the hiring process more efficient.

Prevent Duplicate Records During Hiring and Contracting

Regardless of what software you use, data hygiene is critical to operating effectively. That’s why the latest Workday update is making it easier to prevent users from creating duplicate records when hiring employees or contingent workers. By using expanded search criteria that includes names, phone numbers and email addresses, Workday has improved users’ ability to find people who may already be in your system.

Regenerate Candidate Offer Documents

Sometimes, after an offer letter has been accepted, amendments are necessary. That’s why, in keeping with the theme of increasing efficiency and reducing effort, Workday has made it easier for users to regenerate and resend offer documents that have already been accepted, doing even more to improve the hiring process for companies using Workday.

Worker Start Date Corrections

In the same way that Workday has made it easier to regenerate and resend offer letters, they’ve also made it easier to correct worker start dates and notify groups of those changes. With this feature, users can automatically process date changes and other related actions, ensuring that you can respond flexibly to evolving circumstances with minimal manual effort.

Mobile Pay

For some Workday users, it’s more convenient to use the Workday app than it is to use Workday on a computer. But if you’re trying to view detailed payroll information, this can mean zooming in on small type to learn about your next pay date, your pay history or your year-to-date net pay. Workday 2020 R1 gives users a better visual experience, further reducing effort for users.

Learn More About Release Management

Because Workday is always evolving, Workday users can be confident that they have the latest and greatest version. But how do you navigate through a new Workday update when there’s so much to consider and, eventually, to configure?

A partner with in-depth experience around Workday release management will be crucial to your success.

To learn more about Workday 2020 R1 and the difference a partner can make for your team, watch this webinar.