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Apr 14, 2017Consulting & Deployment

Why Strategic Consulting Matters

Why Strategic Consulting Matters

HR spends very little time acting as a strategic business partner. It lacks the resources, executive influence, and data and analytics to function in a strategic role. Likewise, F&A understands the importance of data and analytics on decision-making, and the impact they have on business strategy. Yet, most organizations don’t have the right tools in place to deliver valuable insight. Given these challenges, how can HR and F&A achieve positive outcomes and act as a strategic business partner? Research suggests that strategic consulting could be the answer.

ERP Saas applications and the Modern Business Landscape

Technology can help alleviate administrative burdens and streamline processes, but it also presents challenges of its own. Organizations often find it difficult to bring these two parts of the organizational whole together in a strategic, cohesive and highly functional approach. Strategic Consulting unifies teams and SaaS applications to maximize benefits through transformation and organizational change management consulting.

Workday customers need to evaluate processes against functionality. Manual processes become automated, and automated processes become more efficient. Critical business activities such as M&A and divestiture create opportunities to align and harmonize people, processes and technology while expanding the way the company approaches goals and objectives.

Achieving Positive Outcomes with Strategic Consulting for Workday

A partner to help create a transformation roadmap and a change management plan is critical to achieving positive results. A recent SHRM report indicates there are several critical success factors that can make or break technology projects, including executive sponsorship, dedicated resources, engaged employee populations, frequent communication, clear objectives and trusted advisors.

To learn more, download the white paper, Achieving Positive Outcomes with Strategic Consulting for Workday.