OneSource Virtual is dedicated exclusively to innovating on, and servicing customers in the Workday application. Offering deployment consulting training, payroll services, benefit services and Application Management Services (AMS) our goal is to help customers maximize their Workday investment and provide unparalleled service excellence.

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Need more information on the HR outsourcing, IT outsourcing and consulting solutions OneSource Virtual offers? It’s all here. Discover how you benefit through OneSource Virtual’s BPaaS model of service delivery and how we can help maximize your Workday investment.

Data Sheets
  • 1099, 1096 FAO

    Reclaim your internal resources improve the accuracy and timeliness of filings with OneSource Virtual 1099, 1096 Printing and Filing Services.

  • Advanced Compensation

    OneSource Virtual’s Advanced Compensation helps you nurture, retain and promote top talent through strategic distribution of employee merit, bonus and stock plans.

  • Application Management Services

    Whether you require assistance with basic functionality, or help updating and enhancing your Workday software, we offer tiered support options to assist you in taking full advantage of the Workday platform.

  • COBRA Administration

    Outsource the management and tracking of COBRA services without giving up transparency or control.

  • Dashboard Deployment

    Deploying dashboards for your Workday application suite empowers you to take full advantage of Workday's reporting capabilities. As a result, you can achieve a new level of insight into your organization, leading to greater action and accountability.

  • Deployment

    OneSource Virtual has the experience and expertise to help you make the right decisions when it comes to project planning, organization design, building, testing and go-live.

  • Governance Health Check

    A well-defined governance model should be part of any customer's post-deployment strategy. OSV can help your organization determine the best operating model by performing a governance health check that considers your current and future needs.

  • HR Optimization Consulting

    By optimizing and streamlining your current HR processes with HR Optimization Consulting, your team is more empowered to help your organization achieve its major financial and business objectives.

  • Hypercare Support

    Moving from deployment to daily use is a critical moment for every Workday customer. Using defined best practices, OSV offers support before and after the implementation process to make sure customers are prepared for the future.

  • Integrations Monitoring

    Managing your integrations is an ongoing process. OSV will monitor them to make sure they're running as designed, ensuring a continuous flow of data between Workday and your third-party vendor applications.

  • Organizational Change Management

    Let our team guide your team through an effective and efficient Workday software adoption campaign.

  • Overview of Finance & Accounting Outsourcing (FAO)

    Outsource the administrative burdens of your AP processes while keeping control and visibility in-house.

  • Overview of U.S. & Canadian Benefit & Employee Services

    OneSource Virtual’s experience and expertise in COBRA and benefits administration outsourcing services allows you to eliminate multiple third-party integrations, experience fewer errors, lessen the risk of non-compliance, and benefit from real-time reporting and event tracking.

  • Overview of U.S. & Canadian Payroll Services

    OneSource Virtual gives you the flexibility of a cloud-based payroll system combined with the service and support of an outsourcing partner. Start with a single solution, and then add services to optimize payroll management.

  • Overview of Workday Solutions

    OneSource Virtual is the only Workday Service Partner to offer solutions that fully complement the Workday value service chain.

  • Payroll Optimization Consulting

    Using today’s leading practices and benchmarks as a guide, our Workday payroll experts will review and optimize your payroll operations, increasing your team’s accuracy and strategic value while ensuring that your employees are paid accurately and on time.

  • Performance Management

    OneSource Virtual’s Prescriptive Solution for Performance Management helps you create a scalable roadmap for successful growth by establishing individual employee goals that are consistent with your organization’s business objectives.

  • Prescriptive Solutions Overview

    OneSource Virtual’s Prescriptive Solutions for Performance Management and Advanced Compensation help you calibrate and curate Workday’s Talent Management and Compensation Management functionality to design talent management strategies that align with your company’s organizational goals.

  • Release Management

    With release management, our Workday subject matter experts can help your organization understand and implement the latest features and functionality for Workday.

  • Strategic Consulting

    From guiding adoption of newly deployed technology to elevating the performance of reorganized departmental infrastructure, we can help your organization with the challenges inherent to change.

  • Strategic Roadmap Planning

    OSV offers Strategic Roadmap Planning to help you strategically and proactively align your Workday adoption efforts with your business objectives.

  • Transformation

    Navigate the various phases of transformation with Workday Experts, and align your departments into an agile and strategic organization. .

  • U.S. & Canadian Benefits Administration

    Streamline enrollment, manage costs and improve overall employee experience.

  • U.S. & Canadian Garnishment Administration Services

    Our garnishment services help alleviate the more burdensome tasks involved in managing child support payments, tax levies, bankruptcy payments and liens for all of your employees.

  • U.S. & Canadian Payroll Services

    Every company is a little different, with unique needs and operational preferences. So, why settle for “one size fits all” payroll processing?

  • U.S. & Canadian Payroll Tax Services

    When you outsource with us, your account will be assigned a team of tax professional to help navigate the latest tax code changes and unravel the complexities of compliance.

  • UK Payroll Services

    OneSource Virtual offers a range of U.K. Payroll Services that reduce administrative burdens and allow you to reclaim internal resources for more strategic projects.

  • Workday Financials Deployment

    Let our Workday Experts help your organization realize the benefits of a strategically deployed financials solution that aligns with your business needs from day one.

  • Workday Health Check

    How do you make sure your business processes and integrations are still optimized for maximum efficiency a year or more after you go live on Workday? OSV offers a variety of health checks to empower your team and help you enhance your ROI post go live.

  • Workday Helpdesk

    Let our Helpdesk specialists focus on improving your employees’ front-end Workday experience so your company’s resources can focus on the projects and tasks that keep your business moving forward.

  • Workforce Administration [WFA]

    In today’s interconnected world, providing employees with a superior experience is as important as it’s ever been. With our in-application delivery of multinational workforce administration tasks and processes, you’re empowered to achieve this goal.

Customer Case Studies

Customers share their HR challenges, experiences and successes by pairing Workday with OneSource Virtual’s innovative services and solutions.

Customer Case Studies
  • AAA - Northern California, Nevada and Utah (NCNU)

    OneSource Virtual helps AAA - Northern California, Nevada and Utah manage their Payroll through a fast-track transition, without missing a beat.

  • CustomInk

    Learn how AP Automation from OneSource Virtual freed CustomInk to devote more time and resources to value-added projects.

  • Equifax

    OneSource Virtual offered a sweet spot to their challenges as they are an exclusive Workday service partner and would provide them full control over their new application. By partnering with OneSource Virtual, Equifax improved their payroll tax process with:

  • HKS Architects, Inc.

    Read how OneSource Virtual helped HKS, Inc. modernize their outdated HRIS, gain control of their processes and build a better employee experience through Payroll Outsourcing.

  • Jazz Pharmaceuticals

    Read our case study to learn more about how Jazz Pharmaceuticals gained accuracy and scalability with OneSource Virtual.

  • Niagara Bottling

    OneSource Virtual has served as an active and responsive partner responsible for handling the payroll and benefits administration of more than 2,700 Niagara team members.

  • TaxEx

    Read our case study to learn how utilizing TaxEx has allowed OSV’s customers to gain real insight into their payroll taxes like never before.

  • TripAdvisor

    Read our case study to learn more about how AP Automation from OneSource Virtual helped TripAdvisor create their dream finance and accounting solution.

  • Zayo Group

    Read our customer case study to learn how OneSource Virtual helped Zayo Group, Increase productivity, Streamline the payroll process and Gain full control and access through Workday.


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  • Navigating Workday Updates

    Workday updates come every six months and add value to your application, keeping you up-to-date with current business trends. Customers have to determine which enhancements meet their needs. OSV is a partner that can provide guidance and recommendations on which enhancements best suit each individual customer.

  • Workday Recruiting With OSV Expertise

    In this webinar we’ll review talent acquisition professionals’ top requested capabilities for Recruiting. And because businesses come in all shapes and sizes, we’ll also discuss how Recruiting can be used by federal contractors and organizations that have corporate campus recruiting events.

  • Are You Still Considering Workday Payroll?

    Join us to learn how you can make your solution truly seamless by consolidating your HR and payroll into one system with Workday Payroll and HCM.

  • Customer Panel: Streamline Workday Financials with Managed AP

    Join OneSource Virtual to hear from our customer panel – TripAdvisor, CustomInk, and OVO Energy – on why they chose to say goodbye to compromising with outdated systems and make the switch to Workday Financials with OSV AP Automation.

  • Let OSV Application Management Services be your Guide

    Join OneSource Virtual for a discussion of our Application Management Services exclusively for Workday. Think of what your organization could accomplish with managed services that expertly align your HCM and Financial Management applications with your business aspirations.

  • Do Payroll Your Way with OSV & Workday

    We’re inviting you to take a tour of our tiered service model for Workday Payroll with our senior director of payroll services and our director of tax administration who have a combined industry experience of 50 years.

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OneSource Virtual is a leading Workday service provider. But don't take our word for it. Read what today's industry insiders and analysts are saying about our innovative approach to providing services and support for Workday.

Industry Recognition

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As a leading provider of Workday services and support, OneSource Virtual shares incisive thought leadership informed by deep domain expertise.

White Papers
  • A New Paradigm for Accounts Payable

    While Optical Character Recognition (OCR) has changed how some companies manage their accounts payable process, there’s a better way for companies to fulfill their financial obligations to vendors—with a finance and accounting service provider. That’s the choice that more and more companies today are making.

  • AMS: The Team You Need When You Need It

    While cloud ERP software solutions like Workday are revolutionizing how organizations manage their business processes, there are still compelling reasons to lean on a service partner for ongoing support.

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Unquestioned Integrity

"Your reputation and integrity are everything. Follow through on what you say you are going to do. Your credibility can only be built over time, and it comes from your words and actions." -Ron Fields

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We Are a Team

Ask not what your team can do for you; ask what you can do for your team. -Matt Regis

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We Value Humility...No Ego Trips Allowed

"I felt honored. Then I felt Dear God, do I have to dress up like Storm, I just don't have the body..." -Paula Greenhaw

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Innovation is the Rule

"In order to truly be innovative in your industry you must be willing to not follow the rules of success set by others, but write your own." -Kevin Hautzinger

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You Are Empowered to Fix What's Broken

"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." Albert Einstein

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Everyone is Accountable to our Values

"I love this because it means we are all in this together. No matter your role, title, background, etc. you have a voice and you can make an impact." -Steve Walker

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We Have Fun!

"I appreciate that OSV understands the value of fun in the workplace. It creates an environment that I am proud to be a part of." -Jaclyn Williamson

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Seek the Best for Others

"Working toward a goal is rewarding, but the driving motivation gained by supporting someone else should not be ignored." -Steven Perry

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"I was Transparency Superhero and to me that meant that I had earned my colleagues' trust and respect." -Sue Gallagher

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"Be great! Depart from average and strive for excellence! Go above and beyond to achieve optimal satisfaction!" -Brooke Arnett

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