The future is digital

Embrace the new way to pay

Payroll is no longer just about a paycheck. Employees expect—and deserve—new ways to interact with their money.

myFlexWallet empowers employees with new levels of flexibility and control by uniting myFlexPay, myFlexSpend, and more in one convenient smartphone app. Now employees have a single place to track real-time pay, access earned wages, use payroll cards, manage savings goals, and more.

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of people lack traditional banking access

of employees would switch jobs for one that values financial well-being

who use OneSource Virtual's flexible pay report that their financial circumstances have improved


“Earned wage access is a great benefit to an employee. We’ve seen a lot of our people use it for different reasons. And as the employer, we don’t have to think anything about it.” 

Jill Palmer, Payroll Specialist, Purple
Elevate the pay experience

Discover how myFlexWallet helps your business

Gain competitive advantage

Attract and retain top talent by offering a comprehensive benefits package that includes financial well-being solutions like earned wage access and tax-advantaged accounts, meeting the demands of today's job market.

Increase productivity

Enhance productivity and engagement by reducing employee financial stress. Offer myFlexWallet to support your team while enjoying the benefits of improved performance.

Avoid complexity

Effortlessly provide the in-demand solutions your employees seek without adding unnecessary complexity to your operations. myFlexWallet is uniquely designed to work with your existing technology and processes. 

The new way to pay

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I offer my employees a digital wallet?

Is a digital wallet just an expanded earned wage access (EWA) application?

Will this complicate my payroll processes?

Will on-demand pay just get my employees deeper in debt?

What’s in it for me as an employer?

Why do I need this? My employees are already paid weekly.