RPaaS: Robotic Process as a Service

RPaaS: Robotic Process as a Service

Imagine the strategic work your team could do by adding digital assistants to conduct the repeatable, time-consuming tasks on their behalf.


Imagine a workplace made up of satisfied employees performing valuable work. The reality is that many office-based employees spend as much as 30% of their workday performing unengaging, routine tasks. In order to enjoy a healthy work environment, companies need a solution for these mundane, repeatable tasks that are necessary but not fulfilling.


Bots are able to perform these unwanted tasks on behalf of the human worker, providing your company with greater accuracy, compliance, and expediency.

Bots use “if-this, then-that” programming to locate data errors, which they then escalate to a human for review and correction. This promotes the human from a role of “do” to a role of “review.”

The result: happy customers working on projects and strategy that add value to your company.

Until now, companies have had to incur significant start-up costs and acquire complicated certifications in order to enter the world of RPA. RPaaS (Robotic Process-as-a-Service) removes these barriers by offering Bots that can perform discrete tasks for a fraction of the cost and no required certification.

RPaaS Payroll Data Validations Demo

RPaaS Payroll Data Validations Demo

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RPaaS Bot Overviews

Payroll Data Validation Bot

The Payroll Data Validation Bot performs an audit to find common year-end and W-2 filing issues and then reports them to your company so they are not reported to a tax agency or included on an employee’s W-2. Alerts include invalid addresses, invalid SSNs or characters, negative wages, Medicare wages that are less than OASDI, and duplicate deductions.

1099 Scrub Bot

The 1099 Scrub Bot helps you avoid costly IRS penalties and fines by auditing the data on your employee 1099s in Workday and catching any errors before they make it to the IRS. Employers are alerted if there are missing or incorrect Tax Payer Identification Numbers (TIN) and other 1099 configuration, or mismatching supplier tax IDs against the IRS’s website.

Employee Timesheet Bot (Coming Soon)

The Employee Timesheet Bot alerts employees and managers when certain employees have not logged all of their hours before your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pay period is closed. The Bot notifies your hourly employees by email if they have not submitted their time, and notifies supervisors if they have not approved their department’s time.

Benefit Enrollment Bot (Coming Soon)

The Benefits Enrollment Bot helps HR departments keep their employee benefits data current by running a Workday report and then sending email reminders for benefit changes that are awaiting action from your employees. The Bot then generates a report of all emails sent to employees, all past due events that your Benefits team should close out, and all employees who are missing email addresses in Workday.

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