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Jul 09, 2021

UnRealized: helping you and your company reach your potential

Dear valued customer,

Season one is in the books!

Featuring some of our great customers, certain analysts, and even our own employees, the first season of OSV’s new podcast show, UnRealized, is now complete.

UnRealized season one recap

Built on the belief that every organization, and every person in that organization, can reach their potential, UnRealized is where business transformation meets inspiration and tactical application.

And season one addressed some important topics with you in mind, including:

  • Workday U.S. versus Workday Europe
  • The power of partnerships
  • Implementing technology remotely
  • Returning the workforce to the workplace
  • Customer success secret sauce

All of UnRealized season one can now be found wherever you get your podcasts. We’d like to thank the hundreds of you who are already following us. For everyone else, we’ve put together a 10-minute episode with highlights from season one that you might find helpful.

UnRealized season two preview

And given the success of season one, we’ve already begun production on season two.

But this time, it’s personal.

Our focus in season two will be on the great employees that form the DNA of any great company.

The strategic value of HR will never be more important than it will be in the next few years, with employee recruiting and retention at the top of every company’s priority list.

We plan to help you with a collection of podcast episodes featuring an ensemble of experts we’ve gathered to address a range of timely subjects, including:

  • The care and nurture of the remote employee’s soul
  • Differentiating your employee benefits program
  • How companies are improving the employee experience of pay
  • Helping employees thrive in a post-pandemic world
  • Employee success secret sauce

Episodes will start going live in just a few weeks. Start following UnRealized today to receive notifications when each new episode posts.

We’re here for you

We offer these and many other free resources as part of our pledge to make your day more doable. We’re here for you, and we want to help in any way we can. So please reach out and let us know if there are additional ways that we can serve you or your employees.

Thank you for partnering with us and for placing your trust in OSV. You remain at the center of everything we do.

Jeff Miller

Global Brand Marketing and Communications Director

About OneSource Virtual

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