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Dec 03, 2021

Understanding your Workplace Communication

Dear valued customer,

Our workplace communication can broadly be classified into three areas: explaining, illustrating, and persuading.

We each have a natural aptitude in one of these areas, and just as likely have a weakness in another. That’s also true for each person we work with.

It’s important to know these strengths and weaknesses so that we can improve how we communicate in the workplace. It’s also important that we’re aware of the skills of our coworkers.

Let’s examine each of these communication qualities while we identify areas of strength in ourselves and others.


If you excel at making complex ideas accessible or complicated processes understandable, you probably have a gift for explaining. These are the people who write “how-to” books and craft step-by-step guides.

They make the best classroom teachers, helping students understand ideas for the first time.

In the workplace, these are the people who lead great training sessions. We go to them when we seek knowledge about a product or service because we know we’ll walk away with better comprehension.

Without explainers, we’d have less understanding.


Analogies, word pictures, examples from life experience—these are the tools used by experts at illustrating.

They are our storytellers and writers of fiction.

In the workplace, they appeal to the imagination in order to help others understand. They usually chime in right after the explainer has spoken. And they start off with, “It’s kinda like…” followed by a word picture or story.

Without illustrators, we’d have less imagination.


If the explainers write “how-to” books and the illustrators write fiction, those with an aptitude for persuasion write motivational books.

They inspire. They dwell at the intersection of emotion and reason, persuading others to think or act differently (and convincing them that they can).

In the workplace, they rally the team around a vision of the future that is compellingly better than the present. They talk about our shared, ambitious goals in a way that causes the rest of us to believe we can achieve them.

Without persuaders, we’d have less innovation and reach fewer goals.

Which of the three is your strength? Is there one that strikes you as a particular weakness? And can you think of coworkers who make an art out of one area or another?


We’re thankful for this and other opportunities we have to communicate with you, and we’re always trying to streamline our communications to improve your experience. If there are any additional ways we can serve you or your employees, please reach out and let us know.

We’re here for you. Thank you for placing your trust in OSV. You remain at the center of everything we do.



Global Brand Marketing and Communications Director

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