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Jul 24, 2020

Transitioning Toward a New Normal

Most of us don’t respond perfectly to change, especially change that is imposed on us outside of our control. And the transitions that result from those changes often bring more uncertainty, more discomfort, and yes, less control.

But when we better understand the nature of transitions themselves, our adjusted expectations can make them far less disruptive.

The Nature of Transitions

Transitions are often misunderstood. We wrongly regard them as harmless seams between one reality and the next. We transition from chapter one of a book to chapter two by turning a page. Easy enough! We transition from one room to another by passing through a doorway. Simple, right?

Not so fast.

In reality, most transitions are more complex and should be respected as their own living, breathing entity.

Instead of regarding a transition as the move from Reality A to Reality B, we should respect it as a reality itself—a “Reality B” that rests between Reality A and Reality C. A transition is often not the turning of the page from chapter one to chapter two, but should be regarded as chapter two itself situated between chapters one and three.

And until we learn to regard some transitions as their own realities, we might not navigate those “seasons” as successfully as we could.

Transitions We Can Relate To

Remember when we used to commute to the workplace? For most of us, our “transition” from our home to our desk—or from our deck back to our home—required some form of transportation. It may have been a ten minute walk, a thirty minute bus ride or drive, or a three hour flight.

But that transition stage was more involved than the turning of a page from chapter one to chapter two. In reality, that commute was the most dangerous part of the day for most of us. And a lot was riding on our ability to pay attention and successfully navigate that transition.

When moving homes, the time from packing that first box in the old home to unpacking the last one in the new home is one big transition. The entire time that we label “pregnancy” is really a transition toward having a baby—one that deserves our respect as its own chapter in life. You could add more examples to this list.

So, rather than regarding a transition as the turning of a page between chapters, let’s give it the due weight it deserves.

It is, in fact, a chapter all by itself.

Pandemic As Transition

COVID-19 has ushered in a transition the likes of which the world has rarely experienced. Not only is it lasting months (so far), but it is also global in scale. Far from a simple turning of the page, it has demanded its own identity as a season unto itself—one situated between what used to be normal and the reality that is yet to come when it is over.

Long before the term “new normal” was coined, the concept was present in the Hegelian Dialectic of thesis-antithesis-synthesis. Applied to the COVID-19 global situation, the “thesis” would represent the pre-pandemic state of “normal.”

Our current pandemic reality would be classified as “antithesis,” which includes noticeable differences from what used to be. And the next stage will not be a return to the old normal, but instead to a “synthesis,” a “new normal” that combines elements of our past normal with elements introduced during the pandemic.

But you all know this. You don’t have to be told that your reality has changed significantly and irreversibly. We merely want you to know that we are here for you now as much as ever.

We Want to Help

Many of our customers are experiencing changes they couldn’t have anticipated when establishing their 2020 goals. Perhaps you’ve come to realize that you need more help now than you did prior to COVID-19. We can help you. Our portfolio of services offers you unparalleled choices even during a pandemic.

Simply put, we can make your transition more doable.

So if there are specific ways that we can serve you or your employees today, please reach out and tell us how. Let us enter your transition with you.

We’re here for you now, and we’ll be with you when we reach the new normal. You are at the center of everything we do.

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