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Jan 22, 2021

Taking the “resent” out of your “presentations”

The number of people sitting through boring work presentations on any given day is so large, scientists have discovered that if all those people were laid out from head to foot—they would be a lot more comfortable.

At some point, all of us will have to do a presentation for work.

Maybe you’re already in the habit of giving talks. You’ve become comfortable in that setting, though you’re always open to suggestions on how to improve.

Or maybe you live in fear that one day your manager will ask you to present to a group at work. Public speaking, after all, ranks higher than death on the list of things we fear.

A sales presentation. A product update. A customer demonstration. A departmental kick-off meeting. Are you ready for your big moment?

Three things to focus on

Imagine you’ve been asked to give a fifteen-minute presentation in front of ten people.

Three areas require your attention, but if you’re like almost everyone else, you are only thinking about one of them.


What words and images go on the slides and what words come out of my mouth for this particular audience?

That’s a good start. The content has to be meaningful, relevant, actionable, and rehearsed.

But that’s only the first area of focus.

After you’ve determined the right content, the second area of focus is you and your delivery.

Are my clothes appropriate for the setting? Are there distractions in the room that might draw attention away from me and my presentation? Am I smiling enough? Do my gestures emphasize or distract from what I’m trying to say?

Am I conversational or do I sound scripted? Am I talking at the right rate of speech (hint: you should probably speed it up, as we can listen and understand three times as fast as the average person’s rate of speech).

Finally, after you’re confident you have the right content and you’ve given due attention to yourself, your setting, and your delivery, it’s time to focus on the third area: your audience.

Are they listening? Are they engaged? Are they asking questions? Do they look confused? Have they responded to the interactive portion of my presentation or do I need to rethink that next time? Did they get excited about something in particular I said that might warrant a deeper dive?

If you go into your presentation confident in your content and your delivery, you will be freed up to pay careful attention to—and adjust to—the verbal and nonverbal responses among your audience. Suddenly, your presentation will become a living event instead of just another monologue.

Presenting virtually

Of course, many presentations today are done virtually. And so it also becomes essential to think carefully about what your camera sees and hears.

Because of this, OSV’s Multimedia Specialist created a helpful 3-minute video packed with common camera mistakes and how to easily fix them. These tips and tricks might save your presentation, but they will also come in handy anytime you’re in a virtual meeting with your camera on.

Other ways we can help you?

We’re here for you, and we want to help in any way we can. From presentation tips and payroll processing to managing your AP or paying your invoices, we’re here to make your day more doable.

Thank you for partnering with us and for placing your trust in OSV. You remain at the center of everything we do.

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