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Apr 07, 2020

Staying True to Our Values

As millions of people comply with orders to self-quarantine or shelter in place, staying connected is critical.

For OneSource Virtual, that means staying connected to our teams, our customers and to our company values. These values have formed the backbone of our culture since we were founded over a decade ago. And while they’re all important to us, three in particular inform everything we’re doing right now to serve you.

We Are a Team

When you see your coworkers every weekday, you get to know who they are at work. But now, with every meeting, happy hour and lunchtime chat happening virtually, we literally have a new window into the lives of our coworkers, seeing where they live and meeting, perhaps for the first time, their families and pets. Somehow, in spite of the physical distance between us, we’re forging more personal connections.

In more practical terms, OSV leadership is hosting a weekly all-hands virtual meeting for our entire global employee base featuring CEO Trey Campbell and a variety of executive leaders and managers. These meetings play an important role in keeping teams across the company updated on how we’re managing as a company and what we’re continuing to do to be the helping hand you need us to be right now.

Seek the Best for Others

Everyone is facing challenges right now, but those challenges aren’t the same across every industry. Some organizations are trying to figure out how they can operate at a smaller scale; others, especially grocery store chains and companies like Amazon that make deliveries, are hiring by the thousands to meet increased demand for their services. Meanwhile, nearly 10 million people in the U.S. have filed for unemployment in just two weeks.

As Workday experts, our goal is to provide the help you need as responsively as possible, no matter which category you fall into.

As an example of this, it was only one week ago today that President Trump signed into law an historic $2 trillion stimulus bill to provide financial assistance to individuals and businesses. Within two business days, we were inviting payroll tax customers to one of two webinars we had prepared for April 1-2 that would help them understand this new legislation and how OSV would be able to help them.

If you missed these webinars, a recording is now available. More resources are available in the Knowledge Center.

Exceptional Is Always the Goal

In our previous communications, we’ve talked about our efforts to go remote companywide. We did this as fast as possible for the safety of our employees but also to ensure that we didn’t miss a beat when it comes to the services we provide. And the feedback so far has been resounding: “Keep doing what you’re doing!”

Because no one knows for sure how long this pandemic or these extraordinary safety measures will last, we know how critical continuity of service is to you. Please know that in the days and weeks ahead, your company and your people will continue to matter to us.

If there’s more we can do to serve you, please don’t hesitate to contact your OSV partner resource.

Thank you for placing your trust in OSV and stay safe.

About OneSource Virtual

OneSource Virtual (OSV) is the Workday partner that has helped more than 1,300 companies with everything from deployment to maintenance to payroll and more—all to make the day more doable. Founded in 2008, OSV pioneered Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) and has become the leading provider of automated solutions for organizations of all sizes using Workday, delivering services with unparalleled choices, unwavering commitment, and uncompromising care. OneSource Virtual’s global headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas, with additional locations across North America and Europe. OneSource Virtual: let’s make the day more doable. Find your company’s solution at www.onesourcevirtual.com.