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Sep 11, 2020

Our Pandemic Is Six Months Old Today

Can you believe it? It was six months ago today that the World Health Organization declared a pandemic.

I still remember where I was at the time. I was enjoying lunch in New Jersey with one of our great customers, and hoping not to encounter any obstacles on my return flight home two days later.

Within a matter of weeks after the announcement, a thought leader suggested a metaphor that captured the uncertain future we faced in those early days of COVID-19.

From the onset, the pandemic could have taken a number of possible courses. But the length and severity of the situation would either resemble a blizzard, a winter season, or an ice age. Let’s tease out this metaphor in light of the last six months and explore the implications for us today.

A Blizzard

I experienced a blizzard or two as a child growing up in the U.S. Midwest. It was fascinating to witness disorienting amounts of snowfall accumulate in a short period of time. Streets were impassable and schools were closed, but my friends and I spent the next few days riding snowmobiles and building snowmen and igloos.

It took less than a week for all of the snow to melt, leaving only muddy slush and a corncob pipe in the middle of my back yard.

The present pandemic, albeit unlikely, might have lasted only a brief period of time and returned us swiftly to business as usual. It could have resembled a blizzard, departing as quickly as it arrived. We all hoped that would be the case.

That didn’t happen.

A Winter

Winter is a season. And if we had taken a poll among us on the day the WHO declared the present pandemic, the majority of us probably would have chosen this option as the most likely outcome of COVID-19.

A winter-level pandemic would disrupt our lives for a season—several weeks to a few months—and then life would return to normal. That half-eaten pop tart you left on your office desk might not be fresh any longer, but the milk duds in your drawer would still be edible when you returned to the office after a couple of months.

That didn’t happen, either.

An Ice Age

Six months into the current pandemic, it’s become clear that we’ve entered an ice age.

Admittedly, this ice age will not last thousands of years. But COVID-19 is with us for longer than a blizzard or a winter season.

Please don’t attempt to eat those milk duds in your drawer when you return to the office. And let’s not even think about the condition of that pop tart you left on your desk.

Ice ages arrive slowly and last long, marked by an extended, uncomfortable period of time that can leave one feeling isolated and deficient of hope and vitamin D. And unlike blizzards and winters, ice ages leave another type of lasting impression.

They permanently change the landscape.

This is certainly true of COVID-19, as we all realize there’s no returning to what we used to call “normal” in our personal lives, our social habits, and our public practices.

But even ice ages come to an end eventually. And they don’t just come to an end. They shuffle the landscape and leave new forms of natural beauty for us to enjoy.

Your Ice Age

What your company is experiencing during this pandemic probably resembles an ice age more than a blizzard or a winter season. Whether that means your business looks radically different or has just cooled off, the landscape is never the same during or after an ice age.

We want to help, and we’re here for you.

You see, we view our relationship with you as a partnership. And as your partner, we offer you more than what you might receive from a mere outsourcing provider. Our pledge to you and to all of our customers is to deliver the services you need with unparalleled choices, unwavering commitment, and uncompromising care. Even—and especially—during your ice age.

As you can see, you remain at the center of everything we do. Thank you for partnering with us and for placing your trust in OSV.

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