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Jun 05, 2020

Our Hand Is on the Dial

While our experience with the Coronavirus is still new to us all, our experience with the viruses of racism and inequality have lasted far too long. We would all prefer to flip on a switch to create a world without racism or injustice in any form. This would prevent countless individuals from suffering pain, mistreatment, and worse.

The solution, unfortunately, has not proven to be as immediate as we all want.

An Iterative Process

Sadly, and as history has proven, achieving justice and equality isn’t going to be simple. Transforming our world into one that is free from injustice is more like a rotary dimmer dial than a light switch. Rather than flipping the lights from off to on, the dimmer dial requires the knob to be turned and the room grows steadily brighter as a result. But the nature of the dimmer dial means that the light can begin to fade again following a period that sees promising, shining results.

It’s the proverbial three steps forward and two steps back.

Hope and Heartbreak

During this iterative process we experience tremendous hope when the dimmer dial is getting turned in the right way, during which we enjoy witnessing genuine strides toward equality and social justice.

But as recent days have reminded us, the dimmer dial can also be turned in the wrong direction, revealing mindsets and practices that represent generations of heartbreaking injustice among us.

Hope followed by heartbreak; heartbreak followed by hope. It’s the nature of iterative processes, testing the patience of those of us who long for equality and justice to characterize all of humankind.

Where We Stand

OneSource Virtual recognizes that injustice toward the Black Community in the United States has existed for generations, and that achieving equality for all is taking far too long.

Our hearts go out to all victims of injustice, especially the victims of recent injustices against the Black Community and people of color. We choose to stand with you in your pain. We will continue to actively support diversity and work with all of those committed to eradicating every form of inequality and injustice.

OneSource Virtual joins with those whose hand is on the dial and turning it in the right direction. We’re dedicated to making the world a brighter place.

Thank you for partnering with us and for placing your trust in OSV. You remain at the center of everything we do.

We welcome your feedback at OSVfeedback@onesourcevirtual.com

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