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May 01, 2021

Making yourself credible and human during interviews and introductions

Dear valued customer,

For most of us, what we do professionally does not define who we are. Understanding how to effectively communicate both “what we do” and “who we are” has never been more important than it is in today’s world.

As host for dozens of webinars and podcasts each year, i always ask presenters to achieve 2 goals when introducing themselves:

  • Make yourself credible, so the audience will respect your expertise on the subject at hand.
  • Make yourself human, so the audience will be interested in you, as a person, addressing the subject at hand.


Anytime we introduce ourselves in a professional setting—or interview for a new position—we usually stick to the topic of our credibility.

Think “resume.”

“Hi, I’m Sally. I was with ABC company for 10 years doing this. I was with XYZ company for 3 years doing that. I’m currently with PDQ company doing everything in between.”

Establishing our credibility is vital. But when interviewing or introducing ourselves in a professional context, it tends to be the only thing we talk about.

Let’s change that.


Our appetite for human interaction has never been greater than it is now. That’s because we’ve all been placed on a “human contact diet plan” that has limited our person-to-person contact for over a year now.

Until normal human interaction and physical contact are reintroduced into our daily practices, we will continue to be reminded of that basic need we have for one another. We are, above all, humans,
not just employees.

That’s why it’s important that you humanize yourself even in professional contexts: It meets a need in other people when they see you as a person.

I was reminded of this principle when I was brought in to help interview candidates for our company’s finance department.

I’m in marketing; I’m not in finance. I assured our finance leaders that I was not qualified to assess the hard skills and competencies needed to successfully accomplish the day-to-day tasks the position required.

They assured me they already knew this, and that they would be responsible for testing these required skills.

Instead, they were asking me to evaluate the candidates’ soft skills, and whether their personalities were a good fit for our company culture and that of the finance department.

What emerged were very human conversations disguised as interviews, and the result was an obvious top candidate whose competence and personality combined to meet our needs.


OneSource Virtual knows that your company is highly credible, with a solid track record of being great at what you do. We also understand that your company’s credibility is due to the hundreds or thousands of “humans” who make great things happen every day.

Our job at OSV is to make your day more doable, freeing you up to focus on the core business of your company—work that you know better than anyone else. Many of the tasks that are not part of your core business are, in fact, part of our core business—work that we know better than anyone else.

So if there are any specific ways we can help you focus more on your core business, please reach out to let us know how. Thank you for placing your trust in OSV. You remain at the center of everything we do.

Jeff Miller

Global Brand Marketing and Communications Director

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