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Jun 26, 2020

Leadership We Need In Uncertain Times

Great leadership is as important as it is rare. But when journeying blind through unprecedented conditions—like, for instance, during a once-in-a-generation pandemic—good leadership becomes even more crucial and less common.

But what characterizes great leadership during uncertain times? Here are a few core traits.

A positive outlook. Modelling hope is not always easy when the future doesn’t make promises of prosperity. One’s outlook—whether optimistic or pessimistic—will clearly emerge in a leader’s words and actions. It is possible for a leader to remain positive even when bearing hard news. And the best leaders are able to maintain positive attitudes even when those they lead make it sometimes difficult.

Communication. Great leaders proactively and carefully communicate to those they lead. Not just once, but frequently. This is especially true during a crisis. They don’t wait until they have all of the answers; they start communicating before they have a clear vision of the future. And they readily acknowledge that the right answers we all seek sometimes come more slowly than we want. Keeping honest lines of communication that flow in both directions open is an essential mark of good leadership during uncertain times.

Diverse collaboration. Good leaders surround themselves with wise counsel. They listen more than they talk, and they avoid making decisions in isolation. They also pursue opinions from a diverse array of advisors, so that a full range of perspectives can be voiced and considered. Such collaboration helps a leader rely on objective data rather than singular opinions or passing emotions.

Decisions that seek the best for others. The very definition of leadership includes the privilege of making decisions that affect others. Leadership requires that there are those who follow, and good leadership makes unselfish decisions that bring the maximum benefit to the most people—even if doing so requires sacrifices among some of the leadership.

These special qualities not only benefit those who find themselves under such leadership, they also serve as examples that can be lived out by any individual in the workplace, community, and home. Of course, our list of leadership qualities that are essential during tough times is not meant to be exhaustive. Think about the traits you would add to this list, and start living them today.

Leadership at Workday and OneSource Virtual

The Workday ecosystem has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to great leadership. And as a company, Workday itself has proven to be a global leader with a proactive approach that prioritizes people’s safety and sets the right tone during this pandemic. As a leader in the Workday ecosystem, OSV has proudly partnered with this remarkable organization for the last twelve years.

OneSource Virtual is also proud that our leadership has reflected the same vital traits as Workday during this unprecedented global climate. And if there are additional ways that OSV’s leadership can serve you, please reach out and let us know how.

Thank you for partnering with us and for placing your trust in OSV. You remain at the center of everything we do.

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