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Sep 04, 2020

How to Outsmart Busyness

Most of us probably expected that the conditions brought on by COVID-19 would result in more personal free time. “I’ll be working from home and saving all of that time commuting,” we thought. “With limited social interactions, I’ll save time on parties, happy hours, entertaining guests, etc. I’m going to get so much done with all of this spare time!”

Record scratch.

It didn’t happen.

Where’s all of that free time we were supposed to have? We’re all still so busy.

Q: How are you? A: Busy

Busyness is defined as “the state of being or appearing to be actively engaged in an activity.” Interestingly, the word “busyness” is a 21st century word. It did not exist in everyday English even thirty years ago, and it can’t be found in older dictionaries. Although most of us have never looked it up, we know the definition of the word because we live it seven days a week.

Today the word resonates with all of us: the teacher who also coaches, the stay-at-homer who cares for an active toddler, the executive who travels, the restaurant server who volunteers in the community, the payroll professional who attends all family sporting events.

So what’s the antidote? If busyness cannot be abandoned—and I think we’ve all proven during COVID-19 that it probably can’t—then it must be outsmarted.

A Little Each Day

Many lessons in wisdom suggest that time is our opponent rather than our ally. “The clock is ticking.” “Time waits for no man.” “Time flies.” Imbedded in these statements is a sense of urgency in our race against time.

But what if time were actually on our side?

The amount of money you set aside for retirement from your last paycheck wasn’t much, but if you keep doing it over the course of thirty years it can reach a significant sum. It’s the same with most of our other goals. By investing a little time each day, even large goals become achievable over time.

I’ll share a personal example.

Like most people, I had three or four book ideas brewing in my head. A couple of them had even earned a few pages on my computer. But novels aren’t born from dabbling. A firm commitment is required. One day I made that commitment. I didn’t quit my job and I didn’t quit my family, and yet in five months I had completed a first draft of a novel measuring well over three hundred pages. How, you ask, did I do it?

A little every day.

Depending on my schedule and energy level, some days my novel would inch forward by only fifty or sixty words—two or three sentences. Other days it would grow by three or four pages. I spent as little as ten minutes and as much as two hours writing every day.

But (and I hope you hear me) I wrote every day.

In our calendar-crammed lives, investing a little bit of time each day is how we can outsmart busyness, making even some of our bigger goals achievable over time.

Business Busyness

On the other hand, many of us associate the word “busyness” with the workplace and our endless to-do lists.

OneSource Virtual can help you there, too.

As an extension of your team, we specialize in making your day more doable by tackling that to-do list on your behalf—freeing you up to do more strategic, value-added work that’s ultimately more rewarding both for you and your company.

So if there are additional ways that we can serve you or your employees, please reach out and let us know. In the meantime, thank you for partnering with us and for placing your trust in OSV. You remain at the center of everything we do.

About OneSource Virtual

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