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Oct 23, 2020

Have you voted yet? We have!

The climate is politically-charged, especially during voting season. But this email is not about politics.

You’re welcome. [And apologies for the misleading subject line designed to draw you in!]

Most Workday partners refuse to be loyal to one platform, attempting to implement and deliver services for any number of different systems.

At OneSource Virtual, we’ve cast our vote. We exclusively support the only software that matters to you: Workday.

Exclusively Workday

From time to time we get asked if we have plans to diversify and begin supporting additional platforms besides Workday.

But why would we?

We believe in Workday. And we think that our devotion to a single platform has made us the best partner in the ecosystem.

You can risk taking your McLaren to any service station and hope that their mechanics—who work on Fords and Chevys and Toyotas and more—know what they’re doing with your car. Or you can pull into a McLaren dealership with confidence, aware that their service department knows your car inside and out because they specialize solely in your make of car.

Workday Experts

We’re your Workday experts because we’re loyal to only Workday. We also serve more Workday customers than anyone else, and we’ve done more Workday deployments than anyone other than Workday—both in the U.S. and in EMEA.

To quote a popular insurance company ad, “We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.”

Oh yeah, and our expertise comes with a patent that allows us to work inside of your Workday application. Others may claim that they can work inside of your tenant. If they do, ask to see their patent number. Ours is 9965339.

The Only Workday Partner You’ll Ever Need

We not only serve Workday exclusively, but we also have services for your entire Workday journey.

Payroll Services. Employee Services. Financial Services. And more.

OneSource Virtual is the Workday partner that can help you with absolutely anything from deployment to maintenance to payroll and more—all so you can make the day more doable.

That makes us the only Workday partner you’ll ever need.

We also think that our full lifecycle Workday expertise makes us better at every stage in your Workday journey. For example, unlike those who only do deployments, we know what it’s like after you go live because we offer post go-live services. This perspective informs the quality of our deployments, whether a company chooses us for ongoing services or not.

Finally, we understand your lifecycle maintenance better than anyone else, whether you’re facing a Workday release or simply needing someone to help you with your Workday roadmap. Workday is a business transformation platform; if it hasn’t transformed your business yet, we can help you get there.

Thank You for Voting for Workday…and OSV

You’ve chosen Workday as your platform. Excellent choice! And if you’re receiving this email, you’ve also voted for OSV as your service partner. We don’t take your trust lightly.

As always, please reach out and let us know if there are additional ways that we can serve you or your employees. Thank you for partnering with us and for placing your trust in OSV. You remain at the center of everything we do.

About OneSource Virtual

OneSource Virtual (OSV) is the Workday partner that has helped more than 1,300 companies with everything from deployment to maintenance to payroll and more—all to make the day more doable. Founded in 2008, OSV pioneered Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) and has become the leading provider of automated solutions for organizations of all sizes using Workday, delivering services with unparalleled choices, unwavering commitment, and uncompromising care. OneSource Virtual’s global headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas, with additional locations across North America and Europe. OneSource Virtual: let’s make the day more doable. Find your company’s solution at www.onesourcevirtual.com.