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Jul 23, 2021

Do it right or do it twice?

Do it right or do it twice?

The timeless tension between stability and agility is alive and well in business today.

Many companies use recruiting language that describes their organizational work environment as “fast-paced” and “agile.”

Sometimes such expressions reflect exciting cultures where evolution and progress keep life at work interesting.

But other times, terms like “agility” and “fast-paced” are code for “we really don’t have any predictable strategy so our priorities tend to change on a regular basis.”

So how does a company—or a department or team—execute a strategy while remaining alert and nimble enough to make necessary adjustments?

Right vs. twice

“We don’t have time to do it right but we have time to do it twice.”

Maybe you haven’t heard the expression, but it probably resonates with you.

A daily struggle exists between having something done now or having it done right. And depending on the situation, neither is necessarily wrong. Sometimes urgent factors demand an urgent result.

And that’s fine, as long as mistakes aren’t made along the way. After all, it’s demoralizing to a team when resulting errors require them to circle back to a completed project for a redo.

But urgency isn’t the only obstacle to a great result.

Good vs. great

“Good is the enemy of great.” [you’ve probably heard that one before]

Sometimes, “error-free” isn’t the right goal.

When a project is a top priority, deprioritizing its urgency may become necessary.

After all, some projects demand a standard of greatness that cannot be compromised. And when your team is putting out a steady flow of “good” quality projects driven by urgency, it’s important to carefully identify those exceptions that require the highest quality results.

And we’re not talking about perfection, per se. When perfection is our goal, we may tend to suffer from a never-ending cycle of diminishing returns that prevent a project from ever crossing its finish line.

Excellence, not perfection, is a better way to describe the desired outcome for these top priority projects.

To summarize: when urgency is your priority, good is your goal. When great is your standard, urgency will usually have to take a back seat.

Thank You

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As you can see, our relationship with you matters and you remain at the center of everything we do. Thank you for partnering with us and for placing your trust in OSV.


Jeff Miller

Global Brand Marketing and Communications Director

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