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Aug 08, 2022

Continuous Onboarding

Once upon a time, when a company implemented any kind of enterprise solution, there were volumes of binders and online files with documentation about the system, its upgrades, and everything one needed to know about how it was configured. Systems were very “set and forget”, often lingering (and languishing) on the same version for years.     

Fast forward to today--that journey is very different and is a little more challenging to track. With a solution as configurable as Workday, days or weeks after a move into production, business processes can change and look different from what was originally scoped ahead of go-live.

The Only Constant is Change

Your configuration of Workday is not the only thing changing. The core of Workday functionality is updated biannually in two releases with product enhancements and continuously evolving features that have been solicited from a broad and diverse user community.

As a service provider, we too must stay on top of these Workday changes and its evolution.  Additionally, we need to be laser focused on the regulatory changes that happen throughout the year to pay rules, taxes, benefits, and all of the areas in which we serve our customers. 

Another variable to consider is those who join your Workday journey along the way. Aside from the great resignation of late (and great reflection, according to our CEO Trey Campbell), we often see a change in customer roles throughout our partnerships.  It is not uncommon that team members often join the voyage once the boat has left the dock and set sail in production waters. 

With ALL of these changes happening at once, we know that the onboarding efforts of OSV need to be orchestrated and ongoing in order to tackle this constant change as we partner with you.  Our customer onboarding program ensures a smooth transition into OneSource Virtual and sets the stage for this guided journey with you. 

How to navigate this constant change

When it comes to core Workday knowledge and functionality, there are many ways to get educated and to remain educated.  Workday training courses, involvement in Workday Community, and events like Workday Rising can keep you informed and aware of product changes and its growth.

But what about your own Workday solution?

The key guide to this continuous navigation is OneSource Virtual.  Beyond the initial onboarding to OSV and service reviews, our role is to ensure that there is continuous alignment to your path for Workday, and to help facilitate course adjustments along the way. These realignments can be warranted by any of the changes mentioned above, and OSV can help you build a plan to navigate.

We know that your Workday journey is as individual as you are, and we strive to help you navigate the entire way—not just from point A to point B, port to port, but as the winds change and the tides redirect your needs as our partner. No matter where you embark from or who you add along to your voyage to accompany you, we welcome you aboard! 


Dawn Crawford

Customer Journey Manager

About OneSource Virtual

OneSource Virtual (OSV) is the Workday partner that has helped more than 1,300 companies with everything from deployment to maintenance to payroll and more—all to make the day more doable. Founded in 2008, OSV pioneered Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) and has become the leading provider of automated solutions for organizations of all sizes using Workday, delivering services with unparalleled choices, unwavering commitment, and uncompromising care. OneSource Virtual’s global headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas, with additional locations across North America and Europe. OneSource Virtual: let’s make the day more doable. Find your company’s solution at www.onesourcevirtual.com.