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Apr 10, 2020

Can Kindness Outlast COVID-19?

It’s surprising how little some of us knew about our co-workers before COVID-19. In some cases, we spend more time each week with them than with the members of our own family, and yet we’re just now learning their pets’ names—or that they had pets in the first place. We’re enjoying a window into our co-workers’ homes, revealing their tastes in interior decorating, choices in furniture, and tolerance levels when repeatedly interrupted during meetings.

We’re seeing them as people who are more than just co-workers.

We’re All in the People Business

Perhaps we’ve been guilty of allowing business objectives to overshadow the people factor in the workplace. While we’ve always known that employees are any company’s most important assets, the current global situation has revealed that our attention to the humanity behind the business has been something of a blind spot.

But this trend is reversing before our very eyes as we witness a surge in acts of kindness among people.

The Kindness Virus Is Spreading

Against the backdrop of a very real and heartbreaking pandemic, the internet is being saturated with creative displays of human kindness. You’re probably seeing examples in your company as well.

At OneSource Virtual, we have employees who are preparing and distributing free bag lunches to their local truck drivers responsible for keeping supply chains healthy. Others are sewing much needed protective masks for hospital workers and warm socks and hats for NICU patients. Still others are volunteering as first responders, stretching the hours of already busy workdays in order to meet the needs of strangers. These are just a few of the many examples we could cite.

But a deadly pandemic is not a prerequisite for human kindness.

Our hope is that people’s acts of kindness will outlast the Coronavirus—when kids return to school and employees return to their office desks and toilet paper is in full supply again. In short, when everything settles back to “normal,” let’s endeavor to sustain this new manner of treating others. Let’s make our goodness toward one another an enduring result of this global crisis.

We’re Committed to Caring for You

As your partner, OneSource Virtual’s care for you started long before COVID-19, and yet we’ve also found new ways to serve you. We’re increasing our acts of kindness toward our customers by providing free online resources to help you during COVID-19. Found in the Knowledge Center, these resources include everything from how-to videos featuring Workday tips and tricks to articles describing strategies for successfully working from home.

The Knowledge Center also contains a recording of last week’s webinar addressing important payroll tax information that you need to know as a result of the recently passed CARES act. Many more timely resources are coming, but if there are any specific ways we can serve you, please reach out to your OSV partner resource to let us know how.

Our commitment is to care for your needs now and long after things return to “normal.” Thank you for placing your trust in OSV. You remain at the center of everything we do.

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