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Feb 08, 2021

Add modules during a pandemic? We say yes!


Companies that go live on Workday know that their initial implementation is only the beginning of the journey. Phase X deployments can open up new possibilities on your way to business transformation.

But adding Workday modules brings enough challenges even when there isn’t a global pandemic.

If you’ve paused your plans to implement additional modules, we’ve collected some resources that you might find helpful.

Raven Intel is an online platform where customers leave detailed reviews based on their implementation experience. They recently sat down with OSV’s Jenny Gainey, a Senior Engagement Manager, to learn from her experience with customers who ventured forward with pandemic-era phase X deployments.

“Right when many organizations pivoted to remote work in March 2020, one customer was in the middle of their implementation,” said Jenny. “The project team were faced with a decision – to persevere through the implementation or put it on pause?”

What did they choose? You can read the full interview with Jenny here.

Last month, OSV launched our first ever podcast show, UnRealized. Built on the belief that every organiza- tion, and every person in that organization, can reach their potential, UnRealized is where business transfor- mation meets inspiration and tactical application.

We recently enjoyed a conversation with Jenny (introduced above) and gained more insight into the unique challenges that companies face when adding Workday modules during a pandemic. Among many helpful nuggets, she had this to say:

“Prior to the pandemic, we could just travel if the situation required us to co-locate together. Since travel is currently limited, a global virtual deployment is not going to be convenient for everybody. So, it’s necessary to think through accommodating the diferent time zones in light of the decisions you have to make and the pace you want to move.”

You can hear Jenny’s full podcast episode here (and be sure to subscribe to UnRealized wherever you get your podcasts).

And would you like to hear directly from a customer about their pandemic-era phase X implementation?

Kindred Group is a multinational company with global ofices in London, Malta, Stockholm, and Gibraltar, and additional teams located in Antwerp, Milan, Madrid, Paris, Copenhagen, New York, and Sydney.

And this global company added Workday modules during a global pandemic.

In a recent case study, Kindred identified six best practices for pandemic-era implementations: Ensure that all meetings have a follow-up in writing

Use the tools provided Plan twice, execute once

Decide where global processes can be used Avoid complex solutions

Allow eficiency to happen You can read their full story here.


Last year more than 1,000 of you registered for our Workday Release webinars. And it’s that time again.

You can register here for our EMEA or North American webinar where our experts will preview the anticipated features in Workday’s 2021 Release 1.

We’re here for you, and we want to help in any way we can. From implementation best practices to Release webinars and much more, we’re here to make your day more doable.

Thank you for partnering with us and for placing your trust in OSV. You remain at the center of everything we do.

Jef Miller

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