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Jun 13, 2022

A Tale of Two Journeys

Have you ever wondered what exactly is a Customer Journey Manager?

Before I explain, let’s start by defining what a “project” is so we can see that a “journey” is something very different.

A project is defined as collaborative efforts and tasks carefully planned to achieve a goal, with an established beginning and end. A Project Manager is responsible for managing the scope and efforts of a project, and eventually, the project will be completed.  The finish line is reached, and (hopefully), there is a celebration of success.

But What is a Journey?

A journey is defined as something where the trip is more important than the destination. And while there can certainly be planning and orchestration of efforts with goals along the way, there is far less emphasis on an established end, and much more focus on the experience of the excursion. This is how we see your journey as our customer.

The role of the Customer Journey Manager is to orchestrate and help guide your journey. The use of the word journey is entirely appropriate as we partner with you.  Really, there are two journeys that you are on – both the one with Workday, and the one with OSV.


In terms of your Workday journey, some of you are newly deployed, or have gone live very recently.  Others have been on Workday for years.  No matter where you are on your Workday journey, it is important that as your partner, we recognize this. Are you stabilizing your Workday solution, or are you a long-time Workday customer who is looking to leverage more automation?

On your OSV journey, we want to create an experience that spans all of OSV.  Because we have such an incredibly broad reach of Workday tools and services, we want to shape your experience across any and all of the areas we can.  My role works with every department of OSV to put us in your shoes to see the experience from your perspective.

Curate and Collaborate

There really is no better word to describe the Customer Journey Manager other than a curator.  While there are many paths to choose from on your journeys, my role is to help the OSV teams curate an experience that best suits your objectives and goals. 

You can cruise down the Amazon river yourself, but how much better is the experience if you have a guide to help you select the tributaries that lead you past exactly what you want to see?

Customer communities are part of the OSV journey, so a Journey manager also drives collaboration between customers.  Communities built on similar places within your journeys and other common personas guide these connections and ultimately add to your experience.  After all, a journey is always better with company!

The Customer Journey Manager is here to create the best experience throughout your entire OSV journey. While Workday is an easy solution, we want to provide many paths for you to explore, as well as provide the best experience no matter which ones you choose. We are grateful to accompany you and look forward to the trip!

Dawn Crawford

Customer Journey Manager

About OneSource Virtual

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