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Apr 16, 2020

Remote Working Strategy for PS

Remote Working Strategy for PS

Challenge – What impact will the coronavirus pandemic and self-isolation have on my Workday implementation? How does that look for you in partnering with OneSource Virtual during these unprecedented times?

Given that Workday is a cloud-based platform, a physical presence in the office isn’t required to deliver successful projects. We have always had a strong remote presence in the ecosystem, therefore it’s basically BAU for us in terms of supporting our customers. We have a depth of experience working remotely, with 60% of our consultants working remotely even before the current change in working practices. In addition, we have completed due diligence and successfully tested our internal services with 100% remote participation.

We also have strength across areas to cover anyone who does contract COVID-19, so there should be minimal impact on projects, and more importantly, minimal disruption for you. We will also be taking measures to share project knowledge should a consultant need time off. As always, and as is standard practice, our consultants will access all our systems remotely via VPN and utilize sFTPs for sensitive data.

Throughout all the uncertainty during these challenging times, we want you—our customers—to know that we are here to support you as always.

Regular communication has always been important in any successful implementation and this will not change. Communication will continue to be a key component in ensuring your Workday deployment is a success.

We have also identified some areas in the Workday project lifecycle that may be impacted most during this time of remote working. For example, what does this mean for your design workshops/foundation alignment session, CCS and testing support that are typically completed face to face?

We have already made the following changes to ensure the productivity of these sessions remains at a high level while we work remotely:

  • Communication is key and we will plan, plan, plan with you upfront to ensure we are setting expectations with your team.
  • We will break workshops down into shorter sessions to maintain engagement and keep the focus.
  • Technology is key during this time:
    • Video conferencing helps with engagement
    • Collaborative tools such as online whiteboards and Slido for audience interaction
  • Focus less on slides and focus more on system demos, discussions and collaboration.
  • Check in often and ensure people understand what has been discussed and what are the next steps.
  • Keep it fun!

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