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Ignite Support and Set the Stage for Success With Workday Change Management Consulting

There’s a difference between knowing you have to change and knowing how to make the change. No one understands this better than the Workday Experts at OneSource Virtual. In 2008, we became a Workday customer as well as a Workday Partner. OneSource Virtual Organizational Change Management is uniquely able to combine end-user Workday functional knowledge and technology expertise with the way people and teams work to help organizations adapt to and adopt Workday.

OneSource Virtual Strategic Consulting is provided by Workday experts who know your application, your Workday services and your business. What does that mean for you?

Change Management for Workday customers

What’s driving the need for change within your organization? Whether it’s technology, divestiture, M&A activity, or business growth or restructuring, a collaborative partner who delivers adoption strategies with a custom approach and your Workday application in mind will help you achieve objectives and create project success. We work with you to develop your change management program, including:

  • Assessment and Planning
  • Communication and Training Development
  • Targeted Branding and Messaging
  • Employee Engagement and Resistance Management

Unifying People and Workday Technology

To be responsive to business and human capital challenges, HR departments can no longer act as administrative service centers. Business leaders need HR aligned as a strategic partner delivering value through high performance and growth. It’s increasingly important to assess and improve operating efficiencies through streamlined processes, improved operating models and advanced technology and sourcing. Transformation Consulting, including HR Transformation, delivers significant dividends to businesses who want to increase operating effectiveness. Learn more about OneSource Virtual Transformation Consulting Services.

The rapidly developing pace of technology means a constantly evolving business environment. Quick adaptation isn’t just preferable, it’s imperative to maintain a competitive advantage. Learn how Organizational Change Management drives user adoption rates, creating a higher ROI on your Workday investment.

Connect with OneSource Virtual today about Organizational Change Management. Or, find out more about Transformation Consulting Services available from OneSource Virtual.

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