Prescriptive Solutions

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Prescriptive Solutions

Your company’s success is directly related to its ability to effectively manage, incentivize and retain its employees. To accomplish this, you need visibility into your workforce from beginning to end. You need the ability to set strategic goals and align compensation to reflect accomplishment of those goals. OneSource Virtual’s Prescriptive Solutions help your organization to clearly define performance expectations, develop effective reward strategies, and realize the full benefit of Workday’s employee performance and compensation management functionality by providing guidance and expertise that aligns with your organization’s objectives and values.

Performance Management

  • Configurable templates guide your review processes through phases of development.
  • Goal management strategies set expectations for employee performance aligned with organizational goals.
  • Assign attributes to an employee skill inventory that records education, experience and achievements.
  • Optimize use of dashboard reports and analytics to inform real-time decisions.
  • Optional competency-based management and performance calibration services offer a more tactical approach to performance management.

Advanced Compensation

  • Organize rules and rollout around a variety of employee compensations plans.
  • Design compensation matrices that tie performance ratings to merit and bonus plans.
  • Design and drive merit and bonus business processes with manager and administrator assignments.
  • Use reports and analytics to asses merit and compensation processes.

We are Workday Experts

Prescriptive Solutions takes the guesswork out of performance management and compensation planning. Whether you’re building a simple goal tracking initiative or building an organization-wide performance benchmarking process, OneSource Virtual has the experience and expertise to assist with the planning of these programs and ensure that employee and organizational growth are aligned with your company goals. Connect with a OneSource Virtual representative today and learn how Workday can work for the people who work for you.

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