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Comprehensive Payroll Solutions with Visibility and Control

You don’t have to accept the status quo. Workday provides the technology for UK Payroll and OneSource Virtual provides payroll services exclusively for Workday customers. Receive service and support using one system and one local, UK service team.

OneSource Virtual provides a fully managed Workday Payroll experience with all the power and transformation of Workday, along with the accountability you expect from a payroll service provider. You receive payroll service and support in the same solution you use for HR management from a proven, experienced Workday partner.

UK Payroll Outsourcing Services

  • Payroll Administrative Services
  • Managed Payroll Services
  • PAYE Services
  • Court Ordered Deduction Services

Efficiency, Accuracy and Expertise

OneSource Virtual’s BPaaS model of service delivery automates the transactional side of payroll processing, eliminating many duplicate, manual efforts for fewer errors, more efficient processes and accurate payroll runs. You have access to your data in real-time, as well as payroll professionals who are also Workday experts. If you’re looking for UK payroll services Workday partner, contact OneSource Virtual today.

Partner with the payroll service provider who can help you manage payroll effectively and streamline procedures. Contact OneSource Virtual and learn how you can get more from your payroll program and your Workday investment.

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