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Finance and Accounting Services That Combine Automation and Innovation

Manual accounts payable processes invite opportunities for error. Coding can be incorrectly assigned, payments can be delayed and invoices can be altogether missed. By combining Workday’s Accounts Payable functionality with state-of-the-art invoice capture and coding technology, OneSource Virtual’s Finance and Accounting services utilize robotic process automation (RPA) to effectively reduce error rates and increase efficiencies that allow your organization to manage cash more effectively and deliver cost savings.

OneSource Virtual’s Finance and Accounting services simplify and enhance Accounts Payable functions delivered within your Workday application to provide:

  • Automated processes that increase efficiency, eliminate keying errors and provide real-time control and visibility into your data.
  • Reduced time, effort and dollars spent on accounts payable administration without additional infrastructure or third-party integrations.
  • Shifted attention from administrative AP processes to core business strategies that add value.
  • Improved internal compliance by centralizing AP.
  • Visibility into spend and processes for improved cash management and healthier cash flow.

Accounts Payable Offerings

Managed AP- Full lifecycle AP Automation that includes imaging, enhanced coding, insertion into Workday and fulfillment service.

AP Administration- Includes imaging, default coding, insertion into Workday and fulfillment services.

Fulfillment- Process and payment of AP checks using your bank account.

AP Imaging- Basic invoice imaging service that reduces investment in mailroom functions. Uses technology to deliver digital copies of scanned physical invoices and insert them into your Workday platform.

1099 and 1096 Services- Creation and distribution of 1099 forms. Filing of 1096 reports.

Perfect Procure to Pay with Workday Experts

If you’re ready to stop the constant influx of paper invoices, and the coding changes, lost paperwork and administration that comes along with them, let OneSource Virtual help your organization automate the procure to pay process. OneSource Virtual Finance and Accounting services deploy intelligent technology that facilitates human decision-making, and frees up your organization to take on the strategic projects that move you forward. Contact a OneSource Virtual representative today to learn how our Finance and Accounting services can help you transform challenges into opportunities by transforming your accounting function.

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