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Benefits Enrollment Event Email Reminders

Bot Overview

A headache that all HR departments experience is the data hygiene of their HRIS system. This includes updates and changes to employee benefits. The Benefits Enrollment Bot helps HR departments keep their employee benefits data up to date.

Specifically, the Benefits Enrollment Bot runs a Workday report and then sends email reminders for the following tasks that are awaiting action from your employees:

  • Change of benefits
  • Change of benefits for a life event 

The Bot then generates a report of all emails sent to employ-ees, all past due events that your Benefits team should close out, and all employees who are missing email addresses in Workday.

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Benefit Enrollment Bot Data Sheet

Improve the open enrollment process with an innovative robotic solution that helps HR keep their employee benefits data up to date.

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Data Sheet

How it Works

You must provide your Workday tenant’s URL and createa username and password for the Bot to log into your tenant. You must also provide the authorized users or groups in Workday that should be able to run the newly created report. Each time you want to run the audit, all you have to do is kick off the process; the Bot will do the rest. After the Bot finishes, you can retrieve the “Business Process Transactions of Type Awaiting Action – Weekly Email Reminders Summary” spreadsheet. OSV suggests you perform this task weekly.

How do I Start?

In order to be eligible for the Benefits Enrollment Bot, customers must utilize the Workday Benefits module and have access to the “Business Process Transactions of Type Awaiting Action” report.

Until now, companies have had to incur significant start-up costs and acquire complicated certifications in order to enter the world of RPA. RPaaS (Robotic Process as-a- Service) removes these barriers by offering Bots that can perform discrete tasks for a fraction of the cost and no required certification.

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