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Although Human Resources’ focus has changed and companies now heavily rely on HR for strategic direction, administrative functions are still a large part of day-to-day tasks. Processing garnishments can siphon excessive amounts of time considering the disparate sources and processes that must be consistently maintained.  Help lessen your risk and reduce cost by working with a trusted HR Outsourcing partner that can help lessen risk, reduce cost and offer efficient garnishment processing.

Unlike traditional outsourcing vendors, OneSource Virtual offers tiered garnishment options to meet your needs. Our comprehensive solutions alleviate complex and labor-intensive tasks and are delivered by a team of payroll and garnishment professionals to:

  • Help maintain best practices, control potential liabilities and reduce the risk of non-compliance.
  • Reduce paper-based processes and errors.
  • Quickly processes orders, notification delivery and payments.
  • Monitor court mandated filings and manage responses.
  • Manage garnishment order from receipt through termination.

Garnishment Processing Services:

  • Electronic income withholding orders (e-IWO)
  • Bankruptcy payments
  • Federal and state tax agency levies
  • Federal and state tax agency liens
  • Order set up
  • Related correspondence and document retention
  • Timely disbursement of payments

Tiered Garnishment Service Levels

  • Garnishment Fulfillment- Processing of payment and disbursement via check or EFT.
  • Garnishment Administration – Interpretation, system setup and handling of usual correspondence related to withholding orders such as the processing of required answer letters.  Garnishment Administration also includes all Garnishment Fulfillment services.

Simplicity Through an All-in-One Solution

Simplicity Through an All-in-One Solution Partnering with OneSource Virtual relieves your internal payroll and HR staff of tedious and complex garnishment processing tasks. Best of all, we operate within your Workday application providing you with the ultimate in transparency and control without third-party integrations.

Connect with a OneSource Virtual representative today and learn how our technology and talent deliver the highest level of garnishment processing services to your organization and employees.

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