Strategic Consulting

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OneSource Virtual Strategic Consulting services are comprised of standalone optimization programs and implementation parallels that focus on value and performance enhancement through people-driven outcomes. OneSource Virtual Workday Change Management emphasizes the unification of people and technology while Transformation concentrates on operational efficiencies that enable HR to positively impact the business.

Transformation Consulting

It used to take years to realize the benefit of a significant shift in your organization’s established HR practices. But technology has accelerated the pace of business. Business leaders benefit from nimble HR departments prepared for change and predictive of growth. Operating efficiencies must be evaluated and enhanced, supporting technologies and resources must be monitored and upgraded, and processes must be streamlined in step with business innovations. Transformation Consulting provides important dividends to businesses that want to maximize operating value:

  • Help your business use Workday as a catalyst for transformation.
  • Create the simplified and efficient processes key to optimizing HR service delivery.
  • Convert HR from a support organization to a strategic partner that enables business.
  • Create business impact in time with relative technologies and industry demands.
  • Plan for global scale and growth activities, such as mergers and acquisitions.

Workday Change Management Consulting

OneSource Virtual, an early adopter of Workday, couples its end-user knowledge with Workday Service Partner expertise to advise and support organizations of all sizes during key stages of initial assessment, deployment preparation and service assimilation:

  • Assess your organization’s ability to embrace change, and engage end-users early and often for greatest transformational outcomes.
  • Align stakeholders and employees with the overall strategic direction of your organization.
  • Reduce resistance by building stakeholder and employee support.
  • Monitor assumptions, risks and dependencies and adjust for lasting benefit and maximum ROI.

 Transform and Change Seamlessly

From guiding company-wide adoption of newly deployed technology to elevating the performance of reorganized departmental infrastructure, the Workday Experts at OneSource Virtual are equipped to assist your organization with the challenges inherent to change.

Connect with a OneSource Virtual representative today and learn how you can tap into your organization’s potential with Organizational Change Management and Transformation consulting services for Workday.

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