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Performance Management

You know where you want to take your business. You have the team to take you there. OneSource Virtual’s Prescriptive Solution for Performance Management helps you create a scalable roadmap for successful growth by establishing individual employee goals that are consistent with your organization’s business objectives. From goal setting to status assessments to annual reviews, we can help you plan the design and deployment of Workday’s performance analysis capabilities, and nurture continuous achievement for your entire company by aligning organizational objectives with employee goals.

Performance Management Solutions

Template Configuration- Strategically implement templates for a variety of evaluation process stages - from goal setting, mid-year status updates and annual reviews to development, performance improvement and disciplinary action plans – to create an automated, overlapping process for all performance event participants.

Goal Management- Determine how to best define, design and distribute goals to employees so their contributions to organizational objectives can be reliably measured and achieved.

Employee Skill Inventory- Acknowledge and track job skills, work experience, education, certifications, language skills, completed training and awards.

Customizable Feedback- Decide which type of employee performance communication best suits your organization. Choose from managed requests for feedback from an employee’s peers or superiors, feedback requested by the employee about their performance, or open and unsolicited input at any time.

Reports and Analytics- Workday provides numerous standard reports for placement on dashboards or as part of processes to support better decision making. Customize these reports to provide management with more concise insight for performance evaluations.

Competencies-based Management- Optionally, competencies can be incorporated into your review process. Competencies can be defined at the management, job profile or employee level, or by job family. Feedback can be designed specifically related to competencies supporting achievements and constructive guidance.

Performance Calibration- As an advanced option, if your organization incorporates management collaboration in determination of final review scores, performance calibration can be included in your overall solution. The calibration tool gives your executive team visibility into manager performance ratings, allows them to make performance comparisons and adjust scores accordingly.

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Performance Management delivers a structure for success. Configure Workday’s performance metric tools to best assess employee job performance, manage targeted objectives and align individual efforts with organizational objectives.

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