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Feb 26, 2018Technology & Innovation

Workday 30 - 4 Exciting, No Assembly Required Enhancements

Workday 30 - 4 Exciting, No Assembly Required Enhancements

When Workday 30 is released on March 10, a host of new features and enhancements will be available for every Workday customer. Some of these new features and enhancements, which span the spectrum of Workday's suite of enterprise software applications, will require configuration while others will be enabled automatically with no extra work necessary. From Workday Benefits and Recruiting to Workday Financials, PRSM Analytics and the Workday Cloud Platform, taking advantage of all the newest features in Workday 30 may require some research and preparation, but will definitely be worth your time.

Below are four anticipated enhancements we are especially excited about that will be enabled as part of your Workday 30 update.


The improved deduction calculation options available for Workday Benefits improves on the deduction calculation options for Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), providing greater flexibility and control. It does this by excluding pay periods that end before these deductions begin so that they're not included in the count of remaining deductions.


Workday 30 will also introduce streamlined job posting capabilities for those who use the Workday Recruiting application for posting jobs. Currently, it's difficult to distinguish between postings that are active and those that are inactive. It's also impossible to remove more than one post at a time. Workday 30 will empower users to remove multiple jobs at once and preview content before it's activated. Postings will also be more clearly marked as active or inactive.


Right now, when you enter a phone number into Workday, there is one field for the area code and a separate field for the rest of the phone number. This can lead to invalid or incomplete phone numbers, which over time can become a data headache. W30 will allow users to enter the area coder and phone number in a single field, ensuring that this information is correctly entered into Workday.


If you change the name of an organization in Workday 29, the name can only be backdated to when the organization was first available. Because this doesn't accurately reflect when an organization's name was changed, additional functionality is being added to allow users to accurately enter, track, audit and backdate organization name changes.


When Workday 30 arrives on March 10, every Workday customer will be running the best version of the enterprise application suite yet. As you prepare, Workday Community provides users with a treasure trove of valuable information, including a complete list of every new feature or enhancement. You can find even more information by visiting the W30 Preparation Center.

For more insights on Workday 30, visit the first blog post in this series, "Workday Community Resources to Bookmark for W30.


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