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Aug 09, 2017Technology & Innovation

Trade Educated Guesses for Data-Driven Decisions

Trade Educated Guesses for Data-Driven Decisions

Trade Educated Guesses for Data-Driven Decisions with an AMS Partner

If you have Workday, you’re sitting on a treasure trove of information that can give you an enormous amount of insight into your organization—insight that can help you make more informed decisions and, as a result, transform HR into a more strategic partner.

But first, you have to realize that information is there. Then you have to figure out how to make it work for you, and that’s where an Application Management Services Partner comes in.

Workday vs the Competition

If you don’t have Workday, creating a comprehensive report is a huge manual effort. Not only is the data you need spread across different systems, you then have to find some way of organizing it all. What you end up with is a series of spreadsheets or workbooks that may not provide you with the true depth you need to be a strategic partner. Workday, by comparison, acts as a single repository for over 1,000 detailed, product-wide reports that can give you what you need to move beyond hindsight to insight.

Free Your Resources to Be More Strategic with a Workday Application Management Services Partner

Once you know about Workday’s powerful reporting capabilities, the next step is to extract the information you really need to make informed, strategic decisions—and this is where having an AMS partner with deep domain experience can help you. When you have an experienced AMS partner on your side, you decide what information you need, and your partner will define a best practices roadmap to deliver only the information that meets your business requirements.

Meanwhile, your internal resources have the freedom to work on the strategic HR projects they’ve been unable to start. They can also work on implementing other valuable parts of Workday that will further enhance the data it already provides.

Are You Putting Your Data to Work for You?

To make truly educated decisions, you have to have the right data. The good news for Workday HCM and Financial Management customers is that you already have that information at your fingertips. You just have to realize that it’s there, and you have to develop a plan for using it. Once you have that roadmap in place, an AMS partner can help you pull all that information together in a way that will make you a more strategic partner within your organization.