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Apr 08, 2019Technology & Innovation

Robotic Vacuums, RPA and RPaaS: How Innovation Transforms Routine Work

By: Jessica Edwards
Robot Vacuums, RPA and RPaaS

Have you ever seen a robotic vacuum cleaner in action? If so, you know why people like them. While that little thing pokes around your house from one end to the other, you have time to focus on something else, like cleaning up the kitchen, starting a load of laundry or, even better, relaxing on the couch. Your house is still getting vacuumed, but the process has been transformed.

What we’re describing in the example above is not unlike what’s happening right now in the tech services industry with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Because RPA technology disrupts repetitive business processes, companies are deploying robots (or digital workers) to perform a variety of tasks, from sending email reminders to completing audit tasks on payroll data, employee records or tax information.

The beauty of this is that your team members now have time to focus on more creative and value-added tasks, from analyzing and reporting on data to improving your processing accuracy.

But if you’re not in the bot business, there’s a significant question you have to answer before you can jump on the bot bandwagon: Where do you get these digital workers?

RPaaS Makes RPA More Accessible and Affordable

Some companies utilizing RPA have contracted directly with developers who specialize in building bots. Others have hired their own internal developers. Both options can be costly, though. Robotic Process as a Service (RPaaS) presents a way forward by allowing organizations to enjoy the benefits of digital workers at a fraction of the cost. With the click of a button (and a little bit of parameter input), customers can tell their partner’s bots to perform a variety of tasks inside their Workday tenant, tasks that can include:

  • Cleaning up payroll tax data
  • Validating employee social security numbers
  • Generating email reminders to employees who haven’t submitted their time
  • Notifying HR of open benefits changes
  • Validating benefits recipients for eligibility
  • Running reports, compiling data and reporting out to executive leadership
  • Running simple business processes

Enjoy the Benefits of RPA With None of the Hassle

Because of what’s possible with RPA, organizations will want to have digital workers in their toolbox in 2019 and beyond. In the same way that robotic vacuum cleaners have transformed a tedious, routine chore, bots can help you with a range of tasks while your team focuses on other work. But while the cost of developing bots on your own can be high, working with an RPaaS partner frees organizations to enjoy all the benefits that come with RPA, with none of the development costs. RPaaS also provides the convenience of delivering ready-made RPA processes directly to your Workday tenant, paving the way for more organizations to take advantage of this incredibly powerful tool.