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Sep 23, 2013Technology & Innovation

Product Support - Top Four Things to Consider

Product Support - Top Four Things to Consider

"Who you going to call, Ghostbusters?" Remember that song that everybody seemed to know? The tune was catchy and could produce a sense of comfort, because you could call on the Ghostbusters to help you out in a time of despair.

In the HR world, you might not want Bill Murray on the line but an expert level of support may just be the ticket for your HCM solution. When you are looking at purchasing a system it is important to make sure that the level of support you deserve is there.  Here are the top 4 items to consider when looking for Product Support for your new platform.  

  • The first and most important thing you need to verify is the individual or team on the other side of the phone is an expert on your platform, not an expert in reading a script. You deserve not only answers but the right ones and in a timely manner. Dealing with an expert who can analyze your problem immediately and come back with an actionable item to resolve it is much more a preference than going through a script of step by step troubleshooting techniques.
  • You should demand a service that allows near instantaneous feedback from your support team, in most cases this is a ticketing service. Which operates as a channel to report identifying issues with system functionality.
  • You’ll also need the ability to track inquiries regarding support, and the ability to access an online customer portal that provides documentation on system functionality and process procedures. In other words, it is a way for you to track the status on your open tickets.
  • Finally, you will need to consider modifications and maintenance of security configurations and existing business processes. As well as maintenance of compensations plans, absence management plans and existing employee review templates. The platform you choose should have the support team for this.

So before making a major investment in a HCM solution for your Human Resources department, it will be important to weigh the level of support you receive to the level of support you deserve.

At OneSource Virtual, we offer multiple levels of support on the Workday platform that address these top 4 items. Visit OneSourceVirtual.com for more information.