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Jul 16, 2019Technology & Innovation

How Payroll Tax Software Reduces Customer Effort

How Payroll Tax Software Reduces Customer Effort

Accurately filing payroll taxes requires strict attention to detail. As such, it’s one of those areas of life where you can be 99% accurate and still be 100% wrong. And the consequences of this can add up quickly in the form of fines and penalties. This explains why many companies choose to leverage an outside payroll tax service partner.

But while there is a wealth of service providers to choose from, you won’t find the same level of diversity when it comes to the software they use behind the scenes.

One software virtually dominates the service provider market. And like a lot of legacy solutions, one of the most complimentary things you can say about it is that it works.

But there’s a difference between software that meets its obligations to existing laws and regulations and one that is designed to holistically address pain points and reduce user effort.

As technology becomes more advanced, reducing user effort is going to be what sets truly customer-focused software apart from everything else.

Details Matter…A Lot

One of the best ways that a payroll tax software can reduce user effort is by giving organizations and their service partner access to employee level details.

But today’s leading legacy payroll tax software doesn’t do this.

Why does this matter?

Because having access to these details is what will allow you or your service partner to identify and correct discrepancies before they can result in any expensive fines or penalties.

When this information isn’t available, you or your service partner have to rely on your payroll system instead. And when you’re trying to fix a specific error—such as a withholding tax discrepancy—this can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Payroll tax software that is committed to reducing user effort will contain the employee-level information you need, reducing the number of steps necessary for resolving problems, and empowering you or your provider to fix them sooner rather than later.

Your Payroll Tax Software Should Do More Than Just Work

Every payroll tax software has to work. But at a time when technology should be empowering organizations to operate more efficiently, is that enough?

Legacy solutions are not known for being innovative, which is why it’s hard to see any solution that doesn’t actively strive to reduce effort as a true solution.

To learn more about what innovative payroll tax software looks like and how it can do more to reduce user effort, download our white paper.