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Nov 16, 2014Technology & Innovation

Leadership that Sets the Tone

Leadership that Sets the Tone

When I was in the military, my commanders told me, "Leadership sets the tone." That really stuck with me because it's true not only for the military, but in the business world as well. The mark of a great leader is the ability to motivate people to do things they don't want to do, and to like it. It's a fundamental skill for better teamwork.

Create Morale

Words have power. If you approach projects and problems with a positive mentality, your team will adapt to that mindset. However, if you let negativity drive your perspectives, that attitude will spread like wildfire. Challenges arise in any business. It's leadership's obligation to instil confidence within the team. Positive talk = positive results, negative talk= negative results. Be a strong leader and create a positive morale.

Challenge Your Employees

A leader's job is to challenge employees. If you allow their job to be comfortable all the time, you aren't pushing them to be better. Think back in your life, who were some of the people who made the biggest impact on you? Was it someone that challenged you to leave your comfort zone and reach new heights, or someone who let you just get by? Successful people live outside their comfort zone. If you want your organization to thrive, you must challenge your employees to limit barriers.

Build the Right Culture

People stay or leave an organization because of leadership, and it's leadership that sets the tone for the entire company. Building the right culture makes a huge impact on both finding and keeping talented employees. An environment where employees feel input is valued and that it's okay to make and learn from mistakes creates trust. And trust is what will get your team through the rough patches intact.

By setting a positive example, challenging employees to achieve goals and building the right culture, you're setting up a team environment of cooperation and success. Do you have an example of how your own team has thrived under great leadership? Tell me about it in the comments