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Apr 28, 2017Technology & Innovation

Is Your Workday Service Partner Prepared for the Next Workday Update?

Is Your Workday Service Partner Prepared for the Next Update

Workday is in a state of constant evolution. With every new update, Workday is either improving on existing functionality or bringing something new to the table.

But with so many new options, Workday customers have some important questions to ask themselves, such as:

  • What’s the most important enhancement or new feature for which I should be aware?
  • Will my organization benefit from these enhancements?
  • Are there any prerequisites I should be aware of before applying any changes?
  • Can my workforce perform the necessary changes internally, or do we need help? 

Workday Service Partners Bring Years of Expertise to Each New Update

Many organizations don’t have the internal bandwidth to tackle these questions head-on. That’s why they look to a Workday service partner for help. A service partner with years of experience in the ecosystem will have a level of knowledge and experience with Workday that most organizations usually don’t.

When a new Workday update comes along, the best Workday service partners will do everything in their power to equip their representatives with what they need to offer customers the highest level of expertise. This means not only training each representative on Workday’s new offerings, but also taking the extra step to ensure that every department is aligned in a customer-directed strategy.

OneSource Virtual Introduces Enhancements on a Page (EOAP)

At OneSource Virtual, we’ve developed a simple way of transmitting information about future Workday updates across every one of our departments. Known simply as Enhancements on a Page (EOAP), this efficient and effective resource provides information intended to help customers manage time and resources during the deliberation and decision process that occurs when a new enhancement is released.

Each EOAP is a one-page brief highlighting the most important details about the most popular enhancements, as well as the benefits and relative timelines involved. Each brief also includes information about:

  • The type of customer that would benefit most from each enhancement
  • The uptake process and suggested scope
  • Prerequisites and impacted functional areas
  • How long it should take to implement each enhancement based upon the suggested scope

Does your Workday service partner provide comprehensive knowledge about the latest and greatest Workday has to offer? That’s exactly what the EOAP resource is designed to do. By equipping every representative across every department with robust but easily digestible information about the latest Workday update, we are able to provide our customers direct access to our in-depth knowledge and experience of Workday.

Existing OneSource Virtual customers can find out more about the benefits of the EOAP resource by contacting their OSV representative. If you’d like to learn more about OneSource Virtual services, support and consulting for Workday, we’re just a click away.