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Feb 25, 2012Technology & Innovation

HR Software Solutions and Automation Trends To Watch

HR Software Solutions and Automation Trends To Watch

Many companies use HR software solutions to automate their workflow and improve efficiency, and the technology they use continues to improve. The market for human resource software is wide and varied, and even the experts do not always agree on the direction it is headed. However, some clear-cut trends are evident.

HR Software Solutions

  • Human Resources are becoming increasingly more automated. The move to HR software is becoming more widespread, as companies realize that automating tedious tasks can improve efficiency, freeing staff to focus on more important work.
  • Software as a service is the forward-looking model. While some companies do still use on-premise HR software, it is predicted that SaaS will soon outpace it across the board. SaaS users benefit from updates that keep the software current with regulations and tax laws, and having HR services managed off-site is an efficient way to handle things like recruitment and talent management.
  • Social media is not just for social purposes. It is no secret that social media is a huge trend in marketing, but it also has strong applications for HR. LinkedIn, for example, is an extensive database of résumés, with vital information that can assist in recruitment efforts. In addition, some HR software providers are jumping on the trend, integrating networking features into their toolboxes. As social connections become increasingly more important in the job market, companies need to be flexible and pay attention to the approaches to business generated by social media.
  • HR is becoming more analytical. It is not enough to store data anymore; that data needs to be easily accessible and worked into actionable analytics about the workforce. Managing employees requires reporting that tells a story about who comprises your staff, in a way that has practical applications for your management team. Human resource software is particularly valuable in this regard, capable of generating reports that are customized to your company’s needs. Smart companies are finding creative ways use this data when developing plans to improve the productivity and efficiency their workforce.

As the economy rebounds and business opportunities grow, companies must stay abreast of current trends in order to remain ahead of the curve. HR software solutions can help your company keep up, while cutting costs and improving efficiency.