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Mar 14, 2012Technology & Innovation

6 Tips for Automating Your Workflow

6 Tips for Automating Your Workflow

The hiring process can be a drain on your human resources department’s time and budget; HR recruiting software can help manage what can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Your company’s human resources department is not an incomeproducing department.

HR Recruiting Software

In order to keep the HR department from becoming a drain on your business, it is important to use staff hours and financial resources wisely; one way to intelligently utilize your HR staff is to implement recruiting software to ease their workload and free them up for the more important human resources work like training and nurturing top-notch employees.

  • Tip #1: Use recruiting software to narrow the field of applicants. During the hiring process, small businesses are inundated with applicants for each position they need to fill. Sorting through these prospects is time-consuming and costly, but the right software can help. HR recruiting software can send and receive information from applicants as well as sift through it to determine the most qualified candidates. Only the top-tier choices are then sent to the HR professionals at your company, who can interview them and make the final hiring decisions.
  • Tip #2:Remove paper clutter by managing documents online. As your business grows, the sheer volume of paperwork needed to keep it afloat can be overwhelming. Going virtual frees up physical space and makes documents easily accessible.
  • Tip #3: Streamline your HR processes to cut costs. By recruiting online and using web-based software, you can cut costs and increase efficiency. You will be able to stay ahead of the recruitment market, and software that is hosted online does not require costly upgrades and maintenance.
  • Tip #4: Track employee training to maintain an excellent staff. Recruitment software not only sorts résumés, it can also track new hire review information, as well as maintain training records. It will even notify you when employees are due to update any required courses and training.
  • Tip #5: Reduce human error by automating the workflow. The HR department often needs a human touch to nurture employees and provide solutions for difficult situations; however, when it comes to maintaining a large database, automating ensures far fewer errors that can be very costly to your company.
  • Tip #6: Enhance communication with multi-user functionality. When managers from different departments have the ability to input data about their staff members, it eases the burden on HR. Furthermore, good HR software can generate reports on many different metrics that will ensure that managers stay informed of the efficiency and effectiveness of their departments.

Your human resources department may not be a moneymaker, but it is vital to the success of your business. HR recruiting software is a great tool for increasing the HR department’s efficiency, while at the same time reducing costs and paper clutter. For more information on HR solutions, check out OneSource Virtual. Established in 1990, this privately owned company understands the needs of business owners, and is committed to offering excellent service to each client.