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Jan 18, 2012Technology & Innovation

HR and Payroll Software Buyers Guide 2012

HR and Payroll Software Buyers Guide 2012

Given the wealth of HR and payroll software on the market, the options can seem overwhelming. It may be easy enough to assess your company’s needs today, but looking to the future may seem more complicated, and that may make choosing a program difficult. Researching different programs can be time consuming, and knowing which ones are compatible with your existing software can be tricky. Fortunately, by breaking this search down into steps, the task becomes much more manageable.

HR and Payroll Software

  • Know your needs. By properly assessing your company’s goals and needs, you can easily eliminate programs that do not meet your stated objectives. Be sure to gather input from others in your company to ensure the program you select is functional across the board.
  • Consider a selecting resource. Software is available online to streamline the process and help you to determine which program best suits your needs. These selecting tools are easy to use, and they take the guesswork out of choosing software by using side-by-side comparisons of various programs.
  • Visit events and exhibitions. Industry trade shows give you the opportunity to speak with a variety of vendors to find a program that suits your purposes. Research the event beforehand, and create a plan that identifies which vendors are important for you to consult. Doing so will avoid wasting time gathering useless information.
  • Gather as much input as possible. Ask questions, not only of salespeople and vendors, but also of colleagues and employees. Your HR and payroll software is a long-term investment , so you want to make the best possible purchasing decision. Read reviews in industry publications and online, and find out what your peers think of a program before you take the plunge.

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