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Jan 08, 2013Technology & Innovation

Happy New Year, but Keep the Change!

Happy New Year, but Keep the Change!

If you are like most, another New Year means a barrage of ideas on how your company can change. Take technology for example. There must be hundreds of offers each year on how technology can give you the edge or change your company for the better. Yet each demands a lot of your time, effort and even resources to implement, integrate and properly use. Would it not be a change to actually find a solution that was not so taxing (probably should have held that joke for April)?

In the world of HCM, such a solution exists as long as you have developed the proper education and insight on the industry. The first and probably the most important thing to understand is that whether you are a company of 100 or 100,000 employees there is an HCM solution for you! I know, hard to believe that if you are an HR department of one or two people you aren’t force to live in the world of spreadsheets and the old pen and paper drudgery. Yet, to unshackle yourself from this world and begin a path to a more simple and efficient way you need to consider the below items:

  • Affordable Price Point The moment one hears, Global HCM Enterprise Solution they immediately think $$$! For a small to mid-size company this can immediately bring up walls to several top end solutions that in hindsight are still within their reach. Simply put, resellers. Look toward organizations that have partnered with said Global HCM Enterprise Solutions to offer more affordable options and intimate one-on-one service that you might not receive directly from them.
  • Unified Cloud-Based Technology During your research, you might notice that a lot of companies talk about integrated technology, which means their components were at one time separate. However there are new cloud-based platforms that will create a unified technology solution, which will support every aspect of your HR needs. You can gain the benefit of a powerful, centralized solution for HR, benefits administration, payroll and spend management without any capital expenditure on one platform.
  • Configurable Workflow One thing you should always keep in mind is, “You are never locked in to one way of doing things.” Some software can be easily configured to your specifications without any IT intervention. In short, keeping things simple without taking away functionality can be done and should be a huge factor for your consideration.
  • Self-Service Capabilities Whichever solution you go with should always be built on user-friendly software along with employee self-service functions that work like a typical consumer web site, accessible through any Internet- enabled device. Your employees and you should be able to log on, change addresses, check benefit plan information, access e-forms and perform a variety of transactions easily. This makes life better for them and reduces your headaches.
  • Assigned Teams Keeping things on a personal level is not a far cry for any consumer! Instead of a random pool of people supporting your account, your solution should come with an external designated team of experts. From day one, this team becomes an extension of your internal staff, mentors and that safety net when working with a new program.

In short, there are software platforms out there that can help companies, like yours, take huge strides forward to success without first taking a leap back with change.

At OneSource Virtual, we’ll not only address these need but also meet, measure and exceed them. 

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