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Oct 24, 2017Technology & Innovation

Getting Ready for the New Workday Cloud Platform

Getting Ready for the New Workday Cloud Platform

Since Workday Cloud Platform was announced July 11, 2017, customers and partners alike have wanted to know: What exactly will be possible with Workday’s new Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering, and when will it be available?

Based on what was announced at this year’s Workday Rising in Chicago, we know a lot more than we did in July. We know, for instance, that it’s slated for release in 2018, and we have some ideas of what customers and partners will be able to do with it.

With this new information, Workday customers are empowered to start thinking about how they’re going to use Workday Cloud Platform, and they’re equally empowered to start looking for a partner to help them bring that vision to life.

Below are two important qualifications for Workday Cloud Platform partners.


One of the chief qualifications to look for in a partner is their level of experience building integrations. Specially, you’ll want to look at the number of integrations your potential partner has built, and the number of industries they’ve worked with. A partner that has built an impressive number of integrations across a variety of industries will have more to offer to an organization eager to take advantage of Workday Cloud Platform.


In addition to their hands-on experience building integrations, the ideal partner will place a lot of emphasis on requirements gathering. The requirements gathering phase of any project is essential because that’s how your partner will determine exactly what you’re looking for. All too often, though, not enough attention is paid to requirements gathering, which can cause difficulty down the road. Before committing to any Workday Cloud Platform partner, make sure they understand how important requirements gathering is to the success of your future projects.


Workday Cloud Platform promises to give customers and partners alike a whole new experience with Workday by actually putting Workday’s technology in their hands. There are still months to go until it will be available, but it’s not too early to look for a partner who can help you take advantage of this exciting PaaS offering. There are many qualifications to look for in a partner, but two of the most important are their experience with integrations and their commitment to thorough requirements gathering. A partner with these qualifications will be ready on day one to help your team use Workday Cloud Platform when it’s available next year.