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Sep 23, 2013Technology & Innovation

Get Your Luxury Car at an Affordable Price!

Get Your Luxury Car at an Affordable Price!

Being a midsized company can be a challenge. The endless hours of payroll, taxes, and HR can get frustrating and overwhelming. The result is often the neglect of what really matters most, the people.

For a mid-market company, how do you get enterprise level services at a cost point you can afford? What is driving those decisions? Typically, cost is a large factor in purchasing an HR software package; but there are solutions.

Purchasing an HR software solution is similar to buying a car. You are practical with your money and have set a fixed budget. Yet when you do your research, you realize that your budget will only allow you to obtain a vehicle that will not handle all your needs and may be a little on the undependable side. Yet, anything is better than walking right? Wrong! You actually can step onto that lot and look at that luxury vehicle that will handle all your needs, stay out of the shop and allow you to drive in style while staying within your budget.

Purchasing an HR system works the same way. By keeping a few points in mind before you walk out onto that lot you won’t have to settle for a system that may not service your needs and obtain that luxury HR system within your budget.

  • Look for a cutting-edge core HR technology that fits your organization’s unique needs. It needs to align itself with BPO services that operate seamlessly and transparently with your core HR system, along with the expert deployment and support to make sure your HRIS continues to work for you.
  • Find a HRIS software that incorporates a proprietary implementation strategy that facilitates a rapid and low cost deployment. Make sure your implementation bids are provided under a ‘fixed cost’ structure, which means you can get a top-of-the line system at an affordable price!
  • Just like you, find a partner that is never satisfied with “good enough.” You need someone that will work with you to design the ideal configuration for your business. Someone that will take the hassle out of services integration and get it right with expert HRIS deployment and support.

OneSource Virtual expertly unifies HR BPO services with cutting-edge core HR technology to fit your organization’s unique needs. We offer co-sourced services that function seamlessly and transparently with your HRIS, as well as expert deployment and support, so you get the most out of your HR technology. Just like you, OneSource Virtual is never satisfied with “good enough.” We get it right every step of the way.