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Jan 15, 2020Technology & Innovation

Gaining Business Value With Workday Prism Analytics

Gaining Business Value With Workday Prism Analytics

Data has never been more crucial to an organization’s daily operations or its success. But there’s also never been so many places for that data to live.

While this might be great news from the standpoint of consumer choice, there are also consequences to this, particularly for decision makers. Leaders need to have all relevant data in front of them to make decisions, and they need to be confident that that data is up-to-date and accurate.

But when data is distributed among too many different platforms or applications, leaders may feel less confident about their decisions. What if critical information is missing? Or what if the information is there but you’re having trouble visualizing what it all means?

In a world where your organization’s data may be scattered among many different platforms, having a tool that can help you bring all of it together in one organized place is critical.

For Workday customers, that’s what is possible with Prism Analytics and custom dashboarding. Prism Analytics brings together all of the information you need into a secure place to give decision makers a full, informed view of their business and relevant trends, taking the friction out of what would normally be a complicated process. And with custom dashboarding from OneSource Virtual, this tool becomes even more powerful.

Download our webinar to learn more about how the combination of Workday Prism Analytics and OSV can help leaders leverage the data already at their fingertips to drive better business outcomes.