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Oct 22, 2013Technology & Innovation

Avoid Busting on HR Tech Trends

Avoid Busting on HR Tech Trends

The presenters have left the floor, the swag has been collected, the Las Vegas lights have dimmed, but are you prepared to keep the HR Tech flame burning when you return to the office? The insights and lessons that got you excited during the conference need to be leveraged when you get back to your teams and companies. But how? Lets look into the top trends from this year’s conference.

Big Data - More customers are looking for ways to influence their employee data to improve operational performance. "While more than 60% of companies are now investing in Big Data and analytics tools designed to make their HR departments more data-driven, there is a huge chasm between the “haves” and the “have  nots."

Big Data in Human Resources, A World of Haves and Have- Nots. Big data is all about pulling structured data from the web to gain additional insights. 

Mobile - Customers are eager for ways to use their HCM solutions on the go. In today’s modern technology, the use of smart phones, tablets or other convenient tools is the norm.  The need for recruiting solutions and for improved analytics is in demand. Employees want the ability to collaborate and connect no matter where they are. The huge advantage of being on mobile is the ability to see the entire workforce around the world in real time. 

Government Changes - The Affordable Healthcare Act is creating pressure on businesses all over the country to make quick decisions. As a result, many customers are seeing the cloud as a savior for aging HR processes. The cost to upgrade the outdated systems exceeds the price of a new cloud deployment.  The cloud then becomes the obvious decision. 

Taking these trends into account, at OneSource Virtual, we are able to incorporate these needs to help your business get to the new level of expertise. Big data, mobile and government changes are no tasks for your Workday Experts. Let us know how we can assist you today!