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AMS for Workday: 3 Reasons It's Business Critical

Feb 07, 2017 Technology & Innovation

AMS for Workday: 3 Reasons It's Business Critical

Workday Optimization with Purpose

The Workday application is a powerful HCM and Financials tool right out of the box. But it’s not a one size fits all solution. Depending on your industry, the size of your enterprise and your plan for strategic growth, a variety of things should be considered or configured so Workday performs optimally. This is why Workday application functionality and features are configurable. It allows you to make it your own.

The reality is that most organizations don’t have dedicated in-house resources to focus on Workday optimization. The good news is they don’t need them. They simply need to partner with a technology service provider that specializes in Application Management Services for Workday.

1. Services Beyond Workday Support

It’s important to distinguish that AMS is not a help desk. A technology provider delivering Workday Application Management Services helps equip your business for success by providing essential maintenance and continued enhancement of your Workday applications with a holistic consideration of your company’s goals and objectives.

2. Experts Who Know How You Need Workday Services to Work

A dedicated team of Workday AMS experts develops a more comprehensive understanding of customer needs and business objectives, a greater level of trust and gain in-depth knowledge into the customer’s Workday applications and configurations. These AMS teams can then deliver solutions with greater insight into how the customer needs Workday to perform in order to meet their business objectives.

3. Getting the Most From Each Workday Release

Partnering with an AMS team that’s informed and invested in your business helps you continuously improve your business processes as Workday innovates via system releases. With each new Workday release, your HCM and Financial applications more powerful and feature-rich. A dedicated AMS team helps you apply new enhancements and incorporate improved functionality with the same systematic precision they use to configure and optimize your applications, with your company objectives and business goals at top of mind.

Most organizations don’t have dedicated in-house resources to focus on Workday optimization. The good news is they don’t need them.

OneSource Virtual Application Management Services take a team approach to Workday optimization. Customers enjoy the benefits of collaborating with a group of certified Workday technology professionals who understand their company’s business objectives, and have the extensive expertise in application functionality, configuration and Workday optimization to help them achieve those objectives.

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