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Nov 09, 2012Technology & Innovation

5 Things You Need to Know About Cloud Tech

5 Things You Need to Know About Cloud Tech

While clouds on the horizon can symbolize an ill wind for the future of your enterprise, cloud technology can bring prosperity and continued growth to your company. Discussions about cloud computing and the impact it will have on businesses are popping up everywhere. Here are five things you need to know about cloud tech:

  1. All things old are new again.

    Cloud Tech
    Cloud tech really represents a return to the earliest days of computing with a twist. Time on those big mainframe computers owned by large enterprises to do payroll and billing in the 1950s and ’60s was often leased to smaller organizations. These smaller enterprises connected either through dial-up modems or dedicated lines. With the development of mini and microcomputers in the ’70s, this process stopped.

    What differentiates technology from those early days is cloud technology itself. . Using the Internet, an enterprise can utilize multiple computing resources from a variety of cloud computing companies on demand. Wireless communications makes access possible from almost any location on Earth. The cloud is evolutionary, but it is also revolutionary.
  2. Capital investment is lower.

    The bottom line advantage of cloud tech generates the buzz in business discussions. Essentially, utilizing the cloud means leasing services from remote sites accessed through the Internet. Services available include storage, software applications, server applications and almost anything you can imagine. Capital expenses are converted to operating expenses, making them more manageable and usually reducing the lifetime cost and increasing ROI.
  3. Integration is easier.

    Getting new applications up and running is simpler and quicker. By its very nature, cloud tech requires services to be easily integrated into one another. What once took months to develop, deploy, and go live can now be accomplished in weeks or even days.
  4. Scalability is increased.

    Cloud Tech
    If your enterprise grows and your needs expand, you simply lease more resources from your provider. If you need to reduce expenditures due to a downturn, you simply reduce the amount of resources you are using. You don’t have to agonize if or when to purchase new equipment due to a temporary upswing or how to utilize excess capacity if business goes south for a while.
  5. Customization remains an option.

    You might assume customization would not be possible when leasing resources from cloud tech providers. The good news is you would be wrong. Software as a service (SaaS) providers can design customization because they know not all clients have the same needs or use the same processes. While every company has HR and accounting needs, not everyone has the same needs.

If you are still wondering about cloud tech and what it can do for your enterprise, participate in a live demo of Workday.

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