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Feb 21, 2018Technology & Innovation

3 Workday Community Resources to Bookmark for W30

3 Workday Community Resources to Bookmark for W30

One of the many benefits of using Workday is you never have to worry about what version you're using. Workday updates its powerful enterprise software application suite twice a year, ensuring that every Workday customer is always running the latest and greatest version. But taking full advantage of the features and functionality offered in the newest version—in this case, Workday 30—requires preparation.

In the weeks leading up to the release of Workday 30, one of the most valuable sources of information, whether or not you're working with a Workday service partner, is Workday Community. Below are three Workday Community resources you'll want to bookmark as you prepare for Workday 30's March 10 release date.

1. W30 Preparation Center

The W30 Preparation Center is the window overlooking every other helpful resource you'll find about Workday 30 on Workday Community, which is why it's the first page you should bookmark. From here you can access the other two resources listed below, as well as a wealth of other important resources not listed below, like the Feature Release Guidebook, which offers detailed tips on the planning, testing and communication that are all essential for a feature release.

2. Tour Of What's New Resources

The Tour of What's New Resources includes a five-minute video, provides a more in-depth overview of the many resources available not just on Workday Community—such as the page for feature delivery updates-but also resources like the Adoption Planning Dashboard, which can be found within your Workday tenant and will play an essential role in the release management process.

3. What's New Videos And Presentations

As with each new update, Workday 30 comes with no shortage of new features. This page lists each new feature or enhancement, the product area it belongs to and provides a link to a video and presentation that will provide much more detail about the purpose of each one and how they'll play a role in making in making Workday 30 the best version of Workday yet.

Leverage Workday Community To Help Your Organization Prepare For Workday 30

Enterprise release management is a process every Workday customer has to go through in the run-up to a new Workday release. To prepare, some organizations will lean on a proven Workday AMS partner. Others will choose to complete the process in house. Regardless of which route you're taking, these pages will provide invaluable information for you and your team as March 10 appears on the horizon.