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Workday Rising 2014 Recap

Nov 20, 2014 News & Events

Two weeks ago, Workday Rising filled the Moscone Center with the most innovative HR individuals in the industry.  It was a great opportunity to interact with customers. What we heard is many were hungry to learn more about the latest trends. Of course, that isn’t a surprise as Forrester named Workday a leader in SaaS Human Resource Management Systems by The Forrester Wave (TM): SaaS HR Management Systems, Q4 2014.  

We were also excited to present a session at Workday Rising. Our President and COO, Wesley Bryan, spoke to a packed room, touched on the challenges that Workday customer face and showed how we continue to meet those needs in new and innovative ways. We partnered with Workday in 2008 and have a deep domain expertise; so deep that we developed tools to increase Workday functionality in the coming years. Finally, Wesley showed and explained the difference between BPaaS and BPO. “BPaaS incorporates IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS as well as… offering standardized yet highly configurable HR services allowing organizations to standardize transactional HR processes globally, shed off the burden HR administration and focus on value creation through HR.” 

Along with a plethora of great knowledge and tools that our customers took home, we allowed them to have a little fun. A 1920’s themed party at Roe San Francisco was in order. 

Walking in the front door, guests were immersed with 1920’s flair of feather boas, jazzy headbands, fedora hats and Las Vegas style games. Upstairs, The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies were playing their signature songs. Even the most casual felt like they were hanging with Jay Gatsby himself! Our sponsors of the night’s event made it extra special, @Safeguard World International, @PWC and @First People Global; thank you!  

However, having our customers attend our party really was the icing on the cake. Our party allowed a time for them to step away from the every day hustle and gave them a chance to cut loose, relax and for one night live like Gatsby! Without them, we would not be where we are today. It was great to live out value #7, we have fun, while interacting with some of the brightest HR folks out there.  

To relive some of the party, check out our landing page! Looking forward to seeing you next year at Workday Rising 2015 in Las Vegas!

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